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Rhymes and Words: A Snowy Scene

Well here we are again. It's already beginning to seem we've been in the year 2018 for quite a time. Just waiting for the first Snowdrop, to announce Spring is on her way. THE RHYMER'S LAMENT I don’t know where this rhyme is going Because the future is really unknowing  From my thoughts words slowly dribble  But is it really art or merely scribble? Thoughts cascade from my pounding skull Some quite coherent, but mostly, null. I need to assemble the best phrases. To bring a higher quality that raises This snow storm of  useless verbiage  Making heart heavy and eyes squirmiest. Oh to produce a  memorable ode Upon the minds of readers to bestow, a word, a phrase or slight refrain that makes a stay in someone’s brain. So  I’ll look for pearls in oysters and plant myself in quiet cloisters.  Ck 16/01/ '18 I wrote the above piece, using the app " Writr. " This allows you to input a word. The ap

Quiz Time: Football Predictions: Major's New Year Message.

A Good New Year to one and all. Let's start at the end. The following people have all passed away in 2017' Can you guess their names? 1 This lady captained the England ladies’ cricket squad from ’66 to ’78. She was also the first female to score a six. 2  This gentleman was amazing in “The Elephant Man “ . He died aged 77 3 A big favourite of children in the ‘60s and ‘70s, who loved his sheepdog, died aged 88 4 A bit of a scaly,  all his life he duck-rocked up to be one of the first  musicians to be inducted into the Rock ’n ‘ Roll Hall of Fame. He died aged 90.  5  A celebrated  Children’s Author died in London aged 91  not far from a railway station, which bore the name of his best known creation 6 This loved actor, died aged 91 was the only star to appear in all 295 episodes of this popular sitcom. 7  Starred in Coronation Street for many years. She died aged 77 8 Running in the ‘60s and later in the ‘70s it’s likely you would have known thi