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Miscellaneous: Fill-ups.

Saturday 23rd February

Hi All.
Well that takes care of the pretty pictures for this week.
 Lately I've been running uphill: under the weather; below par; one gallop short of race-course fitness. In other words, not my usual self.

Consequently I have stayed indoors and kept warm. So this posting will be on the short side and full of bits and pieces.

Tech Stuff: in which the Smart Phone gets smarter; watches become less boring and spectacles have interesting views.

 ( 1 ) This year, following the government auction, 4G (ultra fast internet mobile comms) will be rolled out through the country. It will be up to 5 times faster speed ( depending upon signal strength and user numbers) than 3G.
           So you should in theory, be able to achieve the same task usage as Broadband; including video conferencing, gaming, cloud computing and film/television downloads.

These 4G enabled phones will have Near Field Communication; "which allows smartphones and other enabled devices communica…

Jimmy Uttley: God's Spring Blessing

Saturday 16th February

Hi All,

I want to start with a bold statement: we are all selfish. The more we age, the more we want to cling onto life. It's the old survival instinct.

That's why it's important to pause at each Valentine Day and realise how important our family and friends are. The love and support they give us and hopefully we return; slows down that selfish gene and makes us glad to be human.  To love and be loved; makes us humble, content and lucky.

My synapses, as you have probably figured, fire strangely.  Example: lucky made me think of gambling- having a bet - favourite jockeys; which led me  to Jimmy Uttley.

As  you can tell, if you clicked on the above link, jockey Jimmy Uttley, as far as I know,  only rode over hurdles, rather than fences. He will always be associated with the great Persian War, on whom he won three champion hurdles at the Cheltenham Festival 1968 - 1970

 I have tried to look up further information regarding Jimmy, but …

Morning: Arc of Scott.

Thursday February 7th

It breaks. Grey of yesterday's debris; now forgotten.  Merge into blue A new daily horizon. Hopes rise. At the edge,  pink appears. A passion for life; not extinguished, but probing creativity's light; needing a daily rush.

Enter brightly into each day. Surrender to the forward march of time. Make:  plans. Create:  opportunities. Expect: solutions. Leave: doubts. Be: lifted. This Morning

Ck 07/02/'13

The above picture is entitled  " The Garden of Earthly Delights. " It was painted by Hieronymous Bosch 1490 -1510.
It is a triptych. That is a painting in three parts, hinged at either side of the main frame.
It has within it a vast amount of detail; which repays many viewings. This painting references Scott Walker's latest record " Bish Bosch. "
This title, a play on words for a slang term, ' Bish Bosh,' meaning job done.

By changing 'Bosh ' to ' Bosch, ' W alker is implying that there is a lot of subject matter within…

Byrds Flying: Water Water: Festival Coming.

Friday February 1st

There are always some records/CDs in the collection; that one always goes back to. Such a record was " The Notorious Byrd Brothers "

There it is, in its full glory. Love the Horse don't you?
 The three pictured are guitarist Roger ( Jim) McGuinn; bassist Chris Hillman and drummer Michael Clarke.

Goin' Back

What a great start to the record.

 Saturday, February 2nd

In rather an extraordinary  fashion reminiscent of  'Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours " their best known album;' Notorious Byrd Brothers ' was also created in the midst of internal turmoil, that found them reduced to a duo (  Clarke left in January 1968 ) by the time the record was completed. But I believe it was one of their best crafted records' It was certainly their most experimental effort; under the guidance of producer  Gary Usher; using segues and fades; electronic swashes and even a Moog synthesizer for the track " Space Odyssey. " Indeed, so beguil…