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Saturday 23rd February

Hi All.
Well that takes care of the pretty pictures for this week.
 Lately I've been running uphill: under the weather; below par; one gallop short of race-course fitness. In other words, not my usual self.

Consequently I have stayed indoors and kept warm. So this posting will be on the short side and full of bits and pieces.

Tech Stuff: in which the Smart Phone gets smarter; watches become less boring and spectacles have interesting views.

 ( 1 ) This year, following the government auction, 4G (ultra fast internet mobile comms) will be rolled out through the country. It will be up to 5 times faster speed ( depending upon signal strength and user numbers) than 3G.
           So you should in theory, be able to achieve the same task usage as Broadband; including video conferencing, gaming, cloud computing and film/television downloads.

These 4G enabled phones will have Near Field Communication; "which allows smartphones and other enabled devices communicate with other devices containing a NFC tag. Whether swiping your smartphone at the checkout lane in the grocery store, waving it over a display at a local museum, or bumping phones with a friend to share the latest games, near field technology lets you pay, play, and learn easily." (wikipedia).
It is also likely in the future  that NFC will 'adapt' to personal preferences and offer recommendations to users as they move within range of shops and utilities.

(2) One of the buzz phrases for 2013, will be wearable-media.

 Enter the iWatch and clones.
       These devices will allow wearers to receive notifications of emails; social-media; texts; appointments, hear music; and be capable of GPS positioning.

  Thus the mobile can be kept in a secure pocket until needed. It is, I believe,  highly likely that these watches will also provide a health check; using downloaded apps; to cater for specific medical conditions. They will probably tell the time as well! 

(3 )  Google has recently developed " Google Glass ". This is an eye glass,  that allows videos to be taken from the point of view of the wearer and capable of a shared experience using social media. Exciting times. Check the link to see more.


My Reading Book:

A short while ago I mentioned my American based 'Twitter ' book club @1book140; which by member's votes chooses a book for the monthly read.
Often a different genre is chosen to enlarge the reading experience. This month, February, is  such a case in point, as we are reading, " The Fault In Our Stars "  by John Green.

This book's target audience is Teens/ Young Adult; clearly not my usual reading fare. It is an engrossing story of   high school age  Hazel and Augustus.
 Hazel has a hamartia; (no I didn't know what it meant either ) that is,  a fatal flaw; in her case an inoperable cancer. I have only read the first four chapters; but I am already gripped by the improbable sense of optimism in living her life as fully as she can, buoyed up by her  developing relationship with Augustus,

I will report further when I finish the book next week.

I am told that it will get warmer  towards the end of next week. I certainly hope so. Better things in March, please.
In the meantime, keep warm.



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