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Overtime: Shipping News

Last week, I spoke about the family trip on the River Thames. The reason for the trip on the clipper was to reach Greenwich Pier and disembark, in order to visit Greenwich and the Royal Observatory.  Our first point of call was the nearby university, where we had a spot of dinner, plus coffee for under £5 a head. We liked those prices! We then went into the chapel, with its magnificent hall. This hall was used for the filming of the latest 'Pirates' and in the showcase was 'Cap'n Sparrows' costume. You can see what a small chap Johnny Depp is. At the far end of the hall, over the altar was a large portrait depicting the scene of St. Paul's shipwreck. It has never been moved fron this location. After a look around the Greenwich shops, we made our way up a steep slope to the Royal Observatory. At the top we caught our breath and looked down over this impressive view. The Royal Observatory, was commissioned by King Charles11 in 1675. It is a

Sound of the Severn: Views of the Thames::Barrow Hill, Gurney Muse.

Here is a video taken near Framilode. Watch the currents of the Severn flow by. On Wednesday of last week (17/8), we had another family outing upon the River Thames from London Bridge to Greenwich. Here is the clipper, coming to pick us up. One of the many stops was the Tower of London. London is growing upwards and continues to impress. Further news on what we did at Greenwich in the next posting. *************************************** Yesterday (20/7) I made my way following the Arlingham Skylark Trail to Barrow Hill. " Oh what a place! Blue river and golden sand, and blue-black hills - in fine weather, of course" Letter from Ivor Gurney to Marion Scott, June !913. Barrow Hill Through ripening corn stalks, into verdant pasture land passing somnolent bovines who watch clouds; knowing rain will  arrive, ere the march is over. Cross a lane and ascend,  skylark pointing the way atop  the barrow; to espy with Gurney's sight, and  tear-st

Framilode- A "a blowy Severn tided place: river trail.

After the anger on the streets of our cities; I rejoiced in the balm of Severn riverside. It has an unhurried pace; the ripples are of its own making and the tide flows in  and out with clockwork precision. My starting point was St. Peter's Church , Upper Framilode, at the river's edge. The above shot shows the colourful mural, from inside the church. I was following a walk taken by the Late Ivor Gurney (1890 - 1937), man of words and music and one of Gloucestershire's finest. Here is the plaque to his memory, to be found in Gloucester Cathedral. It was  near here at Framilode  that Ivor kept his sailboat 'Dorothy', with his friend James Harris, the lock keeper. I am using the walk 2 , found in the book,  " Ivor Gurney's Gloucestershire, " by Eleanor M. Rawling. She describes the Severn at Framilode as: "wide and expansive, occupying the foreground with its long gleaming stretches of water and yellowy-grey sandbanks, while the Co

Short Post: Few Pictures.

It's been a quiet week. I went on  a  Cotswold Way  circular walk. No.5 Cleeve Hill Common Ring. I went on the shorter version making my way across the common to the radio masts at the edge. The Photo above has come out greyer than the actual light.  It was taken to show the masts; which act as a good landmark for the walk. The Common was in great condition, springy  for the feet and panoramic to the eye. A satisfying and pleasant walking experience.                     ****************************************************** This is one of 10 horse sculptures  which have been placed in various locations  in Cheltenham. They are there to celebrate the centenary of the National Hunt Festival. The horse above, is situated at the bottom of the Promenade; where it meets the High Street. It is sponsored by "Racing Post"