Overtime: Shipping News

Last week, I spoke about the family trip on the River Thames. The reason for the trip on the clipper was to reach Greenwich Pier and disembark, in order to visit Greenwich and the Royal Observatory.
 Our first point of call was the nearby university, where we had a spot of dinner, plus coffee for under £5 a head. We liked those prices!

We then went into the chapel, with its magnificent hall.

This hall was used for the filming of the latest 'Pirates' and in the showcase was 'Cap'n Sparrows' costume. You can see what a small chap Johnny Depp is.

At the far end of the hall, over the altar was a large portrait depicting the scene of St. Paul's shipwreck.
It has never been moved fron this location.

After a look around the Greenwich shops, we made our way up a steep slope to the Royal Observatory.
At the top we caught our breath and looked down over this impressive view.

The Royal Observatory, was commissioned by King Charles11 in 1675. It is a horological heaven, particularly the Thomas Tompion clocks, situated in the 20 foot high Octagon room, which only needed winding once a year. Having seen this remarkable engineering, I begin to see what Eric Schmidt, Exec. Chair of Google was getting at,  in his recent Edinburgh  lecture, when he spoke of a fundamental flaw in our education system, by divorcing science from humanities, which has created  a shortage of creative engineers in our society. He said, that he believed it would not have been possible to start up Google in this country.
I think this a real cause for concern, the splitting of two camps into 'luvvies' and 'boffins.' It should be remembered that Lewis Carroll, the writer of Alice in Wonderland, was also a Professor of Mathematics.

So to the Prime Meridian, where east meets west at the line of 0deg. longitude. It was established in 1881 and adopted internationally in 1884.
It really felt like ground zero, where time emanated from.

Here we see two persons ' walking the line. '

Hurry, time is ruunning out for your picture.

But guess what? After all that excitement it was time to go.


Last Friday (26/8), I visited Gloucester Docks for the arrival of the tall ships at the annual Tall Ships Festival.
 A minor carp,  but I feel compelled to ask  if this was supposed to be a celebration of maritime activities, what was a fair doing there, together with some tacky stalls? Somebody, I feel dropped the ball again.
But, the main event did not let one down; the Tall Ships were spectacular.

And finally a big up to local football team Cheltenham Town, who defeated the top of the table club Crawley Town by 3 goals to 1.
 The Crawley Manager Steve Evans, was so upset by his team's performance in the first half (losing 3-0) that he sent them out onto the pitch a good five minutes before the second half commenced and made them wait for Cheltenham.
After the match he said "in the first half, the players were cheats, lazy and not fit to wear the jersey.  They were disgraceful. If I'd had 11 subs I would have made 11 changes."
The lesson, we learn from this, dear reader: you can throw money at a team, but you can't buy team spirit and that's what counts in the long run.

Have a good Bank Holiday week and lets see if September will bring the sun.



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