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Up and Down from The Mount

Date : 21st January 2011. Location : Stanton, Gloucestershire Climate :  Clear blue skies; bright low sun. 7 deg. C. Distance: 2.5 miles  Type:  Circular I launched from Stanton, on the Cotswold Way  circular walk "3 - Stanton, Snowshill and the Edge".  The full route, has a distance of 6 miles, mine as you can see from the above is the shorter version.  It, nevertheless has a complete feeling, in that it takes you uphill, then along the escarpment and finally downhill to your starting point. This is Horse and Pony country, causing the bridleways to be encrusted with hoof prints and wet under foot. The route takes you  from the village to join a path which takes you relentlessly upwards, climbing out of the valley and affording prime Cotswold views. The track continues to climb beneath some elegant beech trees. The walk then continues until you reach a way-marker (green for circular) at the top. Shortly after this you reach a kissing-gate to the left of a f

Heavy Going in Wotton

Started the new year with a circular Cotswold Way  walk based on Wotton Under Edge. It was over five miles in length, on a day when misty weather clouded the valley views. The ground was muddy, sodden in places; but temperature  wise, was good for winter walking. The rain largely held off; except for a persistent drizzle at times. The walk started from the High Street in Wotton; crossed the main car-park and then headed up a grassy track by the side of a school. This led, via a style into fields; which steadily climbed up until the footpath for Ozlewoth was reached. In a short while by turning left ; the walk joined the Cotswold Way  on its route back to Wotton. The picture above shows the level of mud and water, found on the track out to meet the road back to Wotton. One had to walk with extreme care! The conditions proved so trying, that rather than take this down-slope I continued down the road; until Wotton was reached. Net Neutrality Changing the subject, I feel

Sherborne Scene

With the sun back in the sky; visited the Sherborne Estate today (9). Found the ground not cloying at all; but when out of the sun noticed the remains of the frost. In this thirty second epic, look for the shadows on the ground. As you will see, it was a beautifully clear day. This still shows a portion of the tree-line. The last one shows a more fanciful experimental shot taken into the frosty ground, with the sun shining through the trees. Have yourselves a good week. Ciao4now Ck.

Here come the Tenties !

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade. So far, so poor. The  weather as I write today (5/1) is cold wet and miserable; not at all photogenic and with the possibility of some snow by the weekend. My television cable link is on the blink and my car is showing signs of winter neglect; but hey ho enough of that; let's move on. I thought I'd start the year with a fun picture which merges together two of my likes: cider and mac computers. Well it is different ! On the last day of the year, I ventured out for a short walk from the "Golden Hart" public house to Brimsfield Church. The air was clear, the snow had melted, and although ground conditions were muddy, it was an ideal way to blow away the cobwebs of Christmas excess. Nearby the church, I photographed this fine view over the cotswold wall. It got me looking forward to walks in tenty one ! Ciao4now Ck. N.P. " Tron:Legacy" by Daft Punk; the soundtrack from the film of the same name.