Here come the Tenties !

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade.
So far, so poor.
The  weather as I write today (5/1) is cold wet and miserable; not at all photogenic and with the possibility of some snow by the weekend.
My television cable link is on the blink and my car is showing signs of winter neglect; but hey ho enough of that; let's move on.

I thought I'd start the year with a fun picture which merges together two of my likes: cider and mac computers.

Well it is different !

On the last day of the year, I ventured out for a short walk from the "Golden Hart" public house to Brimsfield Church. The air was clear, the snow had melted, and although ground conditions were muddy, it was an ideal way to blow away the cobwebs of Christmas excess.
Nearby the church, I photographed this fine view over the cotswold wall.

It got me looking forward to walks in tenty one !



N.P. " Tron:Legacy" by Daft Punk; the soundtrack from the film of the same name.
            My first 3D film of the year !

Many of you will know that Don Van Vliet (aka) Captain Beefheart died on December 17th in California, aged 69.
You will also know that I  am a fan and have collected a large stock of his records and recordings.
Here is my tribute, posted recently on 'Facebook'.

" In a world of squares, he was a rectangle.
    If you gave him lined paper, he wrote sideways.

   His words like the wind, rustled the leaves
    and caused patterns to emerge.

      He, truly was, the Don of music. "

Don Van Vliet 1941- 2010


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