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Leaving The Crease: Admiral's Advice: Snapshots.

Last Wednesday  ( 25 / 9 , my friend DM took me for a day-out at Worcester to see the last cricket game of the season. The weather was good, with the temperatures never slipping below 19degs. We never actually felt the full force of the sun's rays; but it was  very agreeable outside viewing. We were able to go in the new stand, which had recently been opened. We were seated in the bottom tier. The white building to the right is the new Hotel/ Motel, which is being completed. It afforded us a splendid vantage point overlooking the field of play. . We were in fact 'squarer on ' than the above picture indicates. Most of the people watching were roughly our age and although immediately above us was a bar,  (which included two ' Sky" televisions; ) I saw no-one bring down an alcoholic drink; merely imbibing tea and coffee. I also  noticed many toilet facilities throughout the ground. As, you might well say, a very civilised affair indeed.

Child's View: Admiral's Advice: Eggy Skies: Rain And Wrecks.

"  ( He, Reacher ) used 8197 as his pin.............He liked  97 because it was the largest two-digit prime number and he loved 81 because it was absolutely the only number out of all the literally infinite possibilities whose square root was also the sum of its digits. The square root of 81 was 9, and eight and one made nine. No other non-trivial number in the cosmos had that kind of sweet symmetry -- perfect." From " Bad Luck And Trouble " ( 2007 ) by Lee Child. I have recently started reading Lee Child's thrillers and I am greatly enjoying them. When I first picked up (  Tripwire )  from the library, I didn't expect to like it; considering it likely ' air-port fodder ' a quick read to escape the tedium of the flight. At best ' The Thinking Man's Nick Hornby. ' Let's face it, multi-million selling authors, of escapist literature are seldom worthy of more than a cursory glance. Imagine then, my surprise and delight, when I di

Journey to Gurney: Admiral's Advice:

" Tower gleamed wonderful. Irresistible bubble bright, in the morning light. " So wrote Ivor Gurney, referring  to Gloucester Cathedral. On August 31st D. and I attended ' The Ivor Gurney Memorial Festival ' at Gloucester Cathedral. It was staged in order to raise funds  for a stained glass window in the Lady Chapel depicting the life of the City's poet and musician, Ivor Gurney. More about Ivor here: Gurney The Concert featured Simon Callow, reading Ivor's words; and  The English Chamber Orchestra and Choir whose programme  included works by Gurney. The concert also included a world choral premiere of Judith Bingham's "  A Walk with Ivor Gurney. " This work was adapted from Ivor's poem "  Dawn . " I particularly liked the last verse ( copied here from the programme ) : " The wind of Autumn has touched there, the beech trees have changed.    All the willowherb of all the world falling steep t

Rhossili Rhapsody: Admiral's Advice: Powis Promenade.

R oyal rock enclose the confines of the bay. H ewn from stone, steps lead downwards to the sand. O ver this visceral tactile landscape S iblant surf approaches S teadily. I nfilling the foreshore and L eading the tidal flow I n an eternal two-step dance,  curated by moonshine. Ck 5/9 /'13 Rhossili Fact File Rossilli is situated in south Wales on the Gower coast. In Trip Advisor  Travellers' Choice 2013, Rhossili  was voted first in U.K.; third in Europe; and tenth in the top twenty five world beaches. Sunsets from Rhossilli are the seventh most photographed in the world. Over a million visitors come to Gower to view the quality of its landscape. It is now threatened by an Atlantic Array of wind turbines ! No turbines here! What a shame that would be. RrrrrrrrrrRrrrrrrrrRrrrrrrrR Cheltenham Expects....... Football is a game of two halves; so play in your opponents. COYR RrrrrrrrrRrrrrrrrrRrrrrrrR D.