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" ( He, Reacher ) used 8197 as his pin.............He liked  97 because it was the largest two-digit prime number and he loved 81 because it was absolutely the only number out of all the literally infinite possibilities whose square root was also the sum of its digits.
The square root of 81 was 9, and eight and one made nine. No other non-trivial number in the cosmos had that kind of sweet symmetry -- perfect."

From " Bad Luck And Trouble " ( 2007 ) by Lee Child.

I have recently started reading Lee Child's thrillers and I am greatly enjoying them. When I first picked up ( Tripwire )  from the library, I didn't expect to like it; considering it likely ' air-port fodder ' a quick read to escape the tedium of the flight. At best ' The Thinking Man's Nick Hornby. '
Let's face it, multi-million selling authors, of escapist literature are seldom worthy of more than a cursory glance.
Imagine then, my surprise and delight, when I discovered the principal character in all his books Jack Reacher, was someone interesting, with a very different mind-set from other ' heroes . '

Lee Child ( aka. Jim Grant, ) 6" 5' in height was fired from his job as a television producer, when he was forty.
 His wife with a sly smile, told him, if his career path failed, he would always secure a job as a ' Reacher ' in a supermarket; that is getting products from the top shelf. Lee liked that name and thus Jack Reacher had his literary birth. Eighteen books on, Reacher is still going strong.

The excerpt at the top gives a little insight into Reacher's thinking. Ex military, Jack Reacher is a loner.
He has no I.D. and no processions.

" He had a wristwatch. It was Army issue, so it started out theirs and became his when they  didn't ask for it back. And that was it. Shoes on his feet, clothes on his back, small bills in his wallet, a toothbrush in his pocket and a watch on his wrist. "

From " The Visitor " (  2000 ) by Lee Child.

He leaves no digital trail and has, as the above shows,  literally no baggage. The books are great page-turners and Child shows his narrative skill , especially in his concise conversations. Once you enter into his philosophy of the world you become intrigued and need to know more.

 Reacher seems only interested in tomorrow  and does not seek links with the past. That being the case, the books have little chronology so   can be read in any order; complete episodes  in themselves;  each with Reacher's wry observations upon life.

Warmly recommended.

More Here: Lee Child.


Cheltenham Expects----------- The best form of forward motion------ Pro- Motion!
 Keep it always in mind Lads. COYR


Last Wednesday   ( 18 / 9 ),  D. and I returned to The Gower Coast at Rhossilli, the National Trust beach, near Swansea. The temperatures were down on our last visit a fortnight before, but the beach still looked enticing.

 and the sun-sets were spectacular.

On the beach can be found the remnants  of the Helvetia, which on 1st of November 1887 was wrecked with 500 tons of timber aboard. It was said that this salvage gave an economic boost to local villagers.

The next day  brought  the driving rain and a different complexion to the scene but it  always remains a beautiful location.

Well worth a visit.


And so Autumn comes and Summer waves bye bye.
 Cricket limps back to the pavilion; whilst football and rugby gets into their stride.
 The darker evenings bring the new television schedules; who remembers the days of 'Poldark ' and 'Howard's Way '?
 Both BBC Sunday serials in their respective times.
A good time to watch, reflect and read.
But whatever floats your boat; enjoy the week ahead.



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