Pen Friends: French Leave:

"The Paper is breathless  Under the hand And the pencil is poised Like a warlock's wand But the white page darkens And is blown on the wind And the voice of a pencil who can find?"

( From 'Drawings by Mervyn Peake ' Grey Walls Press 1949 )

I Wrote :

The Mighty Parker
The mighty Parker descended in a gentle, yet forceful drop meeting the paper with a damp kiss. travelling south producing  a vertical line. A nanopause, then a flourish. I. Movement on a North East, South West axis until; M.
Nanopausing, then the Parker movement is repeated until;


Before the nib rests to inhale, vertical lines combine with  horizontal branches until;

Characters converse:

" Hi i am I"

"Hi I, i am M "

"Me 2"

"who is your paper mate?" I asked

i be eeeee!
" Can we get together?"

I asked.

" Great idea "

They replied. Go.
I IiiiI  
 Now together 
" Now you two try."


More Football Predictions : Cheltenham 'Treasure': Border View

Following on from last week, here are my predictions for football Leagues 1 and 2.

League 1

Blackburn        7/4

           Plymouth         14/1

          Doncaster          10/1

Blackburn, hopefully having got their troubles set aside, should  begin their long road back to respectability . They are a big club, with a proud history. Time to show their mettle.

Plymouth were there and thereabouts in their promotion run last season. They only gave way to rivals Portsmouth on the last day, yielding top spot in part, thanks to a 6-0 drubbing of Cheltenham Town (oh dear! ). If they start well, they can make a bold show this season, at  much better odds than Pompey.

Taking a chance with Doncaster. They usually strip fit at the beginning of the season and are always hard to beat. Consistency is their watchword. Nobody will look forward to playing them towards the end of the season.

Others to consider: Portsmouth; Wigan and Charlton.

League 2

              Coventry      12/1

               Swindon  …

Football Predictions: Photo Scraps.

August is nearly with us and that means one thing, the return of football ( whoopee). Amazingly without World Cups, Euro Championships ( except for our ladies ' The Lionesses ' bless 'em ), there has been little or no footie 'on the box ' since the end of last season.

So here are my predictions for the top three in each of our leagues.

                    1   Chelsea      (7/2 )
                    2   Man Utd    (7/ 2)
                    3   Man City   ( 15/8)

Impossible to look beyond these top three spenders this summer.
I feel Chelsea, fresh from their win last season have the 'wind in their tails ' and will be difficult to beat.

I felt with their European Cup win, Man Utd were, under Jose beginning to find their form at last. Expect them to start strongly.

City are the favourites on the back of some expensive signings. As a result they will not leak so many goals . They need to get their
 team cohesion together  quickly. At this level, dropping poi…

A 'Powerful' Read: Apple-Tizing: Cheltenham Views

I recently learned in a post that " The Power "  by Naomi Alderman was the winner of the 2017 Baileys ( previously Orange ) Women's Prize For Fiction. This was the first time the prize had been awarded for a science fiction novel. Being a long time Sci Fi fan I got out my trusty Library App and  was able quickly  to reserve a copy of the said book.

It certainly was an engrossing and mildly disturbing read. A dystopian book, which puts women in the 'driving seat, 'as it were. 

By using their bodily electrical systems, they are able to discharge jolts of power, which dependent upon the surge can injure, maim, or in severe cases kill their quarry, which were usually male. By this way the abused became the abusers and the females became the dominant gender.

 So the whole world culture was  changed, in order to adapt to these changed circumstances, with religion becoming increasingly Matriarchal  with the Mother  the superior.

Like GRRM ( Game of Thrones), Naomi uses poin…

Cornwall Coda: Transport Icons: Up Hills and Far Away

The last full day spent at Cornwall, involved a  circular walk starting at the National Trust's Penrose Estate.


The weather was just the right temperature for a walk.

Lake view from a walk in the Penrose Estate.

My favourite sign, noticed on the back of a van delivering -------?

The walk took us out of the lakeside and up onto  the cliff path overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

 Time for a pit- stop for a  beer and food. I choose the  scampi  and chips.

Finally after the cliff-top path, a walk up the field to the nearby road and our waiting transport  to take us back to base.

The next day ( Wednesday 14th June ) I made my way home on the 09:35 train from Penzance to Cheltenham. My last two photos were taken from the moving train and so ended a very pleasant and memorable mini- holiday.


 I saw this beautiful Tesla (Model S )  electric car at the recent Cheltenham Food Festival.
 I had a chat with the car  guys who assured me, apart from rocket acceleration, it had a range of…

Post Card From Cornwall: Sporting Links.

I have recently spent  a few days ( 10 - 14th June) With friends L. and D. in  North Cornwall. The weather was mostly dry and sunny with highs of 19 - 20 C. Ideal for walking and exploring.

Sunday afternoon was fresh, with wind coming from the sea. We walked along the Esplanade in Penzance.

The outgoing tide exposed the stone- strewn beach

We passed this engaging statue of a fisherman with a coil of rope.
Before long we came to a pub, which as well as a drink offered us some lunch time jazz. I enjoyed a half of Cornish Perry;( not going to call it Pear Cider, as was advertised on the bar) Pears and Apples are different, aren't they ?

Both the keyboard and guitar worked in sympathy  and we were treated to many good jazz moments. On one tune, the guitar's tone reminded me of the late, great Wes Montgomery (1923- 1968). This indeed turned out to be the case and the guitarist was suitably impressed with my knowledge.

On Monday we rode the bus ( free with bus pass - just renewed unti…

Final Football Roundup: Wetlands Ahoy!: The General Erection.

So here we are at the end of another football season, full of the usual triumphs and disappointments. Congratulations to Huddersfield Town ( The Terriers ) on their promotion to the Premier League, after beating Reading in the playoff final.

Manager Wagner planned a masterly campaign, commencing with survival training at a pre-season camp,( in order to engender a team spirit) and then rotating players while keeping up  the momentum right through to the penalty shoot-out in that final. ( Terriers won 4-3 ).

He now has the difficult job of culling his team, keeping core members and introducing new Premiership players.
 His team already carries the honour of being the only Yorkshire  team in the Premiership. Let's hope he can keep the Terriers there.

Right, so how did my Premiership predictions do ?

Prediction                          Actual

1 Man Utd                           6th

2  Man City                        3rd

3  Chelsea                           1st

4  Liverpool                     …