A Tiddly Fish Tail: Lyme again:pics.

A Tiddly Fish Tail.

There's no plaice like bone......

Feeling in need of exercise; after
cod-atating I left the bass-ment,
climbed the stairs and went trout
the door.
Having a head-hake  and more than
a little chubby, I climbed the nearby hill
though  I had a damaged eel.
Finally I reached my favourite perch,
sat down and looked upwards and
noticed a tiny bream of light
shining down at me through the mackerel



Two shots taken at Lyme Regis.
A quiet beach and a panoramic  view looking down from
the "Hix and Oyster " restaurant, from where
the plaice photo was taken.


(New changed filter )

It was good to still see this sculpture still
undamaged  from the Forest of
Dean at Speech House.


Cheltenham Town Football Team has a new manager Michael Duffy, whom in younger days played for the team. He progressed to the Premier League, via Burnley; to whom after finishing playing he was put in charge of the under 23s team. His first Cheltenham match in charge versus Cr…

Caption Pics: Expansive Thinking

My Garden has just floated by.

Depends on the Pecking Order

Rays-A- Laugh


"Abbey Gardens;" Cirencester.
Upton On Severn.
"SeaQuarium. "   Weston- Super- Mare.

As you know, should you follow my Twitter feed (@curlykale) I am very keen on the "Expanse " TV series (Syfy channel). With the conclusion of series 3b (yet  to be screened in the UK ), it was feared that Series 4 would not be made. But due to fans unprecedented protests, this happened:

"The Expanse has been saved! Amazon has closed a deal to pick up the sci-fi drama series, which is in its third and final season on Syfy. The announcement was made tonight by Amazon’s boss himself, Jeff Bezos, at National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles where he was an honoree. It happened an hour or so after The Expanse panel at the same event that featured exec producer and showrunner Naren Shankar and cast members Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham and Ste…

Premier League Winners: More Moonshine: Point of View

On my last blog, I gave my football predictions for the Championship; League 1 and League 2
This week I look at the Premier League, which started today, 10th August 2018 A.D.

1  Manchester City      4/6

2  Liverpool                 4/1

3  Manchester United    8/1

4  Chelsea                     14/1

The only certainty is that Manchester City will win the league again. They will not  drop twenty five points in order to facilitate a challenge  to their title. They have the strongest squad in the league with at least two quality players for each position. Team morale is excellent. Enough said.

Liverpool should prove their strongest challenge. Klopp has strengthened the team with some good signings, including a top goalkeeper. They should be capable of more wins and less draws this season. I feel, however that the two Manchesters will once again prove their nemesis and lose them points. I hope Klopp will manage to win a cup and break his jinx of never, ever winning anything.

Manchester United will…

Butterflies: EFL Football Predictions: Blue Moon Remembered.


As I sit;
I can
Or even
They are
All In a
I close
My eyes,
Time for a
Bye Bye

Ck 03/08/'18

(with apologies to LJG )


Well bless my ( football ) boots, we've just over Moscow and the World Cup. Who remembers:
( Midnight in Moscow, with Kenny Ball  and band released in  1961-  Thought so !) 
 Now today  ( 04/08/'18) the EFL Football League ( 2018- '19 ) begins. That being so, it's time for my soccer predictions:

1  Aston Villa     (12/1)
2   Stoke             (11/2)
3   Swansea         ( 16/1 )
Villa having narrowly missed out last year, by 0- 1  to promoted Fulham. With new  money in the club, they  should surely join the Premier next season.
Stoke relegated last season has  a major chance to regain the top in one go. No-one will relish going to Stoke's Victoria Ground. The hostile atmosphere generated there should yield many points for St…

Gardens: Fly-By

The Garden"

In this one of many possible worlds,
All for the best or some bizarre test

It is what it is and whatever,
Time is still the infinite jest

The arrow flies when you dream,
The hours tick away,
The cells tick away

The Watchmaker keeps to his schemes,
The hours tick away, they tick away

The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
So hard to earn so easily burned
The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
So hard to earn so easily burned

In the fullness of time,
A garden to nurture and protect

In the rise and the set of the sun,
'Til the stars go spinning,
Spinning 'round the night
Oh, it is what it is, and forever
Each moment a memory in flight

The arrow flies while you breathe,
The hours tick away,
The cells tick away,

The Watchmaker has time up his sleeve,
The hours tick away, they tick away

The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
So hard to earn so easily burned

In the fullness of time,
A garden to nurture and protect
(It's a measure of a life…

Uncommonly Clement Weather On The Common; Soccer Analysis.

Selsey Common, near Stroud.

Down below a stillness in the valley and little activity  in  the village of Kings Stanley.

Last Monday ( 11/ 6 )  D. and I drove up to Selsey Common. It was a perfect Summer's day with clear blue skies and visibility reaching  a distance of over 16 kilometres. Very little wind, uncut grass and no evidence of cows, which often graze upon it. Indeed God was in  his heaven.
I sat down, ate my sandwiches and glorified in the scene in front and near me.

There is  nothing more to be said. A day to remember.

Football Analysis 

Premier League
Predicted                        Actual Final Placing
1 Chelsea                         5th 2  Man Utd.                     2nd 3   Man City                    1st
It was the year of the two Manchesters.
 City ran away with the title leaving Utd trailing in second. 

Chelsea rallied  in the closing months of the season and won the F. A. Cup.

Champions League
1 Aston Villa                4th 2 Fulham                      3rd 3 Read…

May Time: Fishy Tails. A Call from the Wild.

Hi All,
As you can see, since the last time of posting. I have been laidback and taking it steady, waiting to spring into action.

Well May Day arrived and so, as usual it became incumbent for me to wake up a few trees, so knowing bark is worse than bite, I performed the ceremony on my own trees and then headed out to visit more greenery in the nearby area.

The above pics come from the  Prinknash Abbey grounds, taken on May Day. In the last photo, you can see the walled garden in the distance.

May Bank holiday came and gave us our Euro required summer; which lasted about three days; until normal and sensible  British temperatures prevailed  and our coats went on again.

Later on in the month, feeling the feed for a fresh fish, D. and I found ourselves at the Bibury Trout Farm.

Bibury Trout Farm

Situated, near the town of Cirencester, Bibury is at the epicentre of the Cotswold tourist industry , serving each day mostly visitors from the Far East and the States. Parking is generally a chaotic af…