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Seconds Out: Head For The Hills

Well today, being 23rd September, means I've been 'A-bloggin' for two years. So today, in a little show of self- preening, I bring you this picture: as, you may see, it is a picture of my blog. I loaded this up  on an iPad, which I used for the first time at the Covent Garden Apple Store (see " What Comes Round..." ) (20/08/'10) This new portable computing touch screen device, has a great bright 10inch display, combined with fast loading capabilities and I was very favourably impressed. I hope in this third year of the blog to introduce some video content, as well as continue with the  photographs. STOP PRESS: just added (24/09) Video Bar, now watch Gary Lucas, Beefheart, Sun Kil Moon and Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Neat ! Now For Something Completely Different............ Tread carefully, ancient ground lies under your feet. Cracked and parchment brown, in summer heat. the Ridgeway cuts through The Valley of The Horse. From Windmill Hill, l

River of Dreams

Visiting ' the smoke ' the other day; I ventured forth on a Clipper; Which I caught near the 'Globe Theatre'.   It was great to sit in the craft and watch the Thames flow by me.  Because it was a water bus ( linked by ticket to the underground service), there was no annoying chat by a tour guide leaving my neck in one place and  not being overloaded by information. Soon I arrived at London Bridge. It was fascinating to view the ever changing sky line. I decided to  leave the craft at the O2 Stadium ( olders  readers , think Millennium Dome ). It is a remarkable building; especially in its internal dimensions, which allows for a multi- function capability. Many of the usual corporate food outlets are in place, waiting, it seemed to me for a stadium audience. I ventured into a 'hands- on'  display area, sponsored by Nissan Cars; it pointed up, to the coming green future and allowed me to post an instant video on the video talking wall. On the w

Deer Me...... It's the Severn

Walking  recently in Dyrham Park, near Bath, I espied these deer. They were clearly used to the public as they neither flinched, moved, or in any way seemed disturbed; to the extent that they seemed ready to pose with "their best sides, " if required. Info on Dyrham ( close to the Cotswold Way ) at : Today (12/09/'10 ) I found myself at Westbury Court Garden, on the edge of The Forest of Dean. It is the only preserved Dutch Water Garden in the Country. It really looked in splendid shape, as you can see from the above photograph of the view from the main entrance. The gardens also put on a dazzing display. I had visited a few years ago and had forgotten how grand it was. As before further info on this property at : Before arriving  at Westbury, I noticed in the National Trust guide b

White Light, Golden Cap.

This rather ethereal picture, was taken at a flower festival in a church dressed all in white. It reminds me that winter is not too far away. 3 Philanthropy makes good business The idea of giving something free to employees/customers has been a very successful commercial ploy.A good example of this, is the internet giant Google; which has produced, starting with its search engine, ( which has been so successful that it has created a new verb; people now ' google ' for information) a whole series of free applications , google earth ( mapping to street level) , google mail ( e-mail service) google chrome ( internet server , combined now with 'Android ' mobile phone applications)  and many more including, soon to be released google talk ( allowing users to make phone calls over the internet ) It is true that some upgrades of services have  a monetary contribution ; but nevertheless it is essentially a free to user operation, which builds up customer loyalty and m