Deer Me...... It's the Severn

Walking  recently in Dyrham Park, near Bath, I espied these deer. They were clearly used to the public as they neither flinched, moved, or in any way seemed disturbed; to the extent that they seemed ready to pose with "their best sides, " if required.

Info on Dyrham ( close to the Cotswold Way ) at :

Today (12/09/'10 ) I found myself at Westbury Court Garden, on the edge of The Forest of Dean.
It is the only preserved Dutch Water Garden in the Country.
It really looked in splendid shape,

as you can see from the above photograph of the view from the main entrance.

The gardens also put on a dazzing display.

I had visited a few years ago and had forgotten how grand it was.

As before further info on this property at :

Before arriving  at Westbury, I noticed in the National Trust guide book that there was a walk from the Garden to the nearby River Severn.
Consequently, upon reaching the Garden, I enquired  for any information about the jaunt and was given a map with directions.

So, it was I made my way, from the car park, through the kissing gate and into the field, following the line of the fence to the water treatment plant. 
No dear reader, I did not take a photo of the plant for you!

Passing to the left of the plant, I emerged on to Strand Lane,  which curved to the right , showing cottages to the left and right, but no trace of water.
However, imagine my delight when rounding a corner  to be greeted with this great expanse of River.

The walk concluded by visiting Westbury Church, before returning to the car park.

A lovely day out in the sun.




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