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Fluent in Efluent

seen on a lorry . Does it mean that the company is good at bull***** , I wonder ? It seems to me a metaphor for this year of 2009  so far. For we have a global financial crisis  and a possible pandemic ; not too dusty for the first quarter of the year. Did I mention that Cheltenham AFC are relegated and that Newcastle may be falling from the top perch ? - very distressing indeed . On a lighter note , the picture comes from one of Gloucestershire's secrets ; namely the 223 acre wetland site at Coombe Hill ( )  It has birds ,meadows , hides , plants and a canal and it's free. Ciao4now Ck. NR " Neverwhere " by Neil Gaiman - entertaining as usual , regarding the London "underworld" ; below the cracks and featuring such characters as Hammersmith the blacksmith , the Black Friars and the Angel of Islington - Good stuff hey !

Back to the Roots

Enjoying a quiet spell , planning some walks along the Cotswold Way and using the bus pass where possible. I took this "Tolkein - like " picture  walking the Way from Cleeve Hill to Winchcombe. I hope to walk Chipping Campden to Broadway soon and will report back. Ciao4now Ck. NP . I have been revisiting the music of  Arthur Lee and Love (1967-1969) and enjoying daydreams of the past.

An Easter Feast

The hot cross is browned and exudes a faint bitter aroma. A sharp knife rips open the side. jam , like blood spreads onto  the flesh . It was soon consumed ; leaving only the bones of the fish to be picked over. A hard act to swallow. Introspection . Digestion. Reflection , as the sun joyfully rises on the second day. Later , the child , within the man breaks  open the chocolate shell , releasing , in bite-sized pieces the sweetness of life ; until only those eternal crumbs of comfort remain within and without. Ck 11/04/'09

Knowing The Figures

Only a few days later   than the last tree - shot , I took this dramatic photo of this  stark looking tree set in a ploughed field near Little Rissington  under a deep blue sky. I have adjusted the contrast accordingly. Incidentally ( you probably know this already) , if you click on any of my photos , you will be rewarded with an enlarged version , which may help with some of the details. Last week was quite a week for the numbers. After reporting on those unusual dates in March ( see 'Beasts on the Hill 25/3 )  , I found myself reading  " N. "  a short story by Stephen King , from his collection  ' Just After Sunset '. The story concerns a man , who , after trying to count standing stones in a field  , fails to agree on the actual number , was it  seven or eight ? . This leads him into becoming an OCD  ( obsessive -compulsive disorder ) sufferer.  OCD being  "a mental disorder , characterized by intrusive thoughts or obsessions , resulting in compulsive