Fluent in Efluent

seen on a lorry . Does it mean that the company is good at bull***** , I wonder ?
It seems to me a metaphor for this year of 2009  so far.
For we have a global financial crisis  and a possible pandemic ; not too dusty for the first quarter of the year.

Did I mention that Cheltenham AFC are relegated and that Newcastle may be falling from the top perch ? - very distressing indeed .
On a lighter note , the picture comes from one of Gloucestershire's secrets ; namely the 223 acre wetland site at Coombe Hill ( http://www.gloucestershirewildlifetrust.co.uk/index.php?section=coombehill ) 

It has birds ,meadows , hides , plants and a canal and it's free.

NR " Neverwhere " by Neil Gaiman - entertaining as usual , regarding the London "underworld" ; below the cracks and featuring such characters as Hammersmith the blacksmith , the Black Friars and the Angel of Islington - Good stuff hey !


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