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New 'Ark , New 'Ark: Scrubby Boots

Last Wednesday (22/6), after my MOT on my gums (failed again), I found myself at the National Trust owned property of Newark Park, near the quaintly named Ozleworth. I find it a deeply satisfying place to visit, because it has trees, a lake and most importantly to me, a view from the top storey, towards the Mendips, unsurpassed in the Cotswolds and pretty much anywhere. To get an idea of the elevation of the house, here is the view from the back. Now here are two views  from  the upper windows. If you enlarge the first view, you should be able to see the  tower, that is Tyndale's Monument. ( See Way Ahead 30/06/'09 ) Impressive view, which has remained, thankfully, unchanged. Newark Park, has a lake, which appeared to be well stocked with fish. I think you can see the evidence of the above remark from this picture. Finally, walking away from the lake, on the rising ground towards the house,  I found all by itself, in the sunlight this fish sculptur

Camden Frolics: Rain didn't stop play.

Last Saturday 11th June, I went to The King's School Cricket Ground in the City of Gloucester; to watch a 20/20 game of cricket, between Gloucestershire and Surrey. The game started promptly at 5:30p.m., even though during the day there had been drizzle and rain showers. 20/20 is the new 'gung-ho' form of cricket tailored to the demands of television, with each innings concluded in an hour and a quarter and thus a result certain within a time-frame of four hours. A white ball is used, allowing floodlights to be switched on if needed. Sleep is not permitted in this form of cricket as there are loud public address announcements, with regard to bowlers, wickets and fours and sixes dispatched by the home team. Sound bites are used including a pernicious " Yo- Ho " at the start of each over. What amused me was that the crowd never really responded to all these exhortations, immured  to Glos losing, and even during the final overs, when, because of the run rate t

Festival Daze: Like a Rolling Stone(s)

Last Saturday, pitched up at Cheltenham Racecourse, the site of The Wychwood Festival; with the main idea of seeing Robyn Hitchcock and his Imaginary Band play their tribute to Captain Beeheart ( who as you probably know I'm more than a little keen on).  As my friend K. and I entered the site down came the rain (penance for enjoyment), but by the time we reached the BBC introducing Tent,( for new acts,) with friendly bar (reward!); the rain was easing to a light shower. A pint of 'Tunnel Vision' soon revived flagging spirits and we made our way out of the tent and began to look at the stalls. Right, from the start we could sense the laid back atmosphere and the calm peaceful air, which pervaded the festival. I'm pleased to report that this initial  reaction to the festival, remained unchanged throughout the time we were there. It was always a family-pleasing, pleasant place to be. This  shows the way to the main stage (the silver and white structure to the