Camden Frolics: Rain didn't stop play.

Last Saturday 11th June, I went to The King's School Cricket Ground in the City of Gloucester; to watch a 20/20 game of cricket, between Gloucestershire and Surrey. The game started promptly at 5:30p.m., even though during the day there had been drizzle and rain showers.

20/20 is the new 'gung-ho' form of cricket tailored to the demands of television, with each innings concluded in an hour and a quarter and thus a result certain within a time-frame of four hours.
A white ball is used, allowing floodlights to be switched on if needed.

Sleep is not permitted in this form of cricket as there are loud public address announcements, with regard to bowlers, wickets and fours and sixes dispatched by the home team. Sound bites are used including a pernicious " Yo- Ho " at the start of each over.

What amused me was that the crowd never really responded to all these exhortations, immured  to Glos losing, and even during the final overs, when, because of the run rate that Surrey needed, it was clear that the home side were going to win, little shouting was heard.

But WIN we did !

A sad note to   end this account, is the strong possibility that the aforementioned game, may be the last  cricket game to be played at Gloucester.
The reducing of the fixture list next year, combined with the financial implications of staging such events rules out all venues, except the profit making Cheltenham Festival and the 'home' ground at Bristol.

In the future there may be a four day county match played in the City, but this I feel is unlikely.
I hope I am proved wrong.

Indeed, today (19)  I read in the Sunday Mail, the following salutary remark.

  1. "It's been flagged up before, but it really does seem that this year one or two counties might go under, and that county cricket, the cornerstone of our Test success, could now face a long slow death- alone unloved and unwatched" 1 Philip Robinson from article ' In Affectionate Remembrance Of English Cricket"
Depressing news indeed.


On a brighter note visited Camden Market in London, during last week. Thankfully it was dry and much warmer, than when I first visited. ( See Market Forces 23/10/'10)

It possesses an energy and vitality that I have not seen anywhere else. Everywhere there is evidence of creativity and ideas, which draw you  to the stalls.

Here, for example we see the ingenious use of sawn-off scooters used as seats at a canal-side cafe bar.

And here we see the large  Trainer and 'Dark Angel' attached to the exterior of these shops.

I like the community feel,  one experiences in Camden; which enables you to slow down and take stock of what's on offer.
There are numerous food stalls supplying food from many regions of the world, and what's great they all want you to taste their wares; it makes for a colourful experience.

My final picture of the market, was taken from an upper floor, looking down upon a sculpture of two working horses pulling a carriage  laden with goods.

Talking of horses, reminds me to tell you, if you didn't already know, that the Queen's horse in the Derby "Carlton House" finished an honourable third. It probably didn't stay the trip, but I have high hopes if he turns up for the Group 1  Juddmonte International to be run at York on August 17th, over a shorter distance on an easier track, he may prevail. I hope so.

Enjoy Glastonbury at the end of this week. Looking forward to Elbow ( Saturday) sing along to those anthems and the great old man of the blues B.B. King (Friday).

Rock On !



  1. Used to go to Camden Market back in the 1980s, nice to still its still as unique as ever!

  2. Yes it's a special place. Real London I think. Ck.


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