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Magic Band: Farewell Tour

It started here: The first concert the Magic Band played  at Shepherds Bush Empire on Monday 7th April 2003. Organised and led by John 'Drumbo ' French (drums, vocals harmonica); the band consisted of Gary Lucas ( guitar); Denny Whalley ( guitar); Mark  ' Rockette Morton ' Boston ( bass)  and Richard Williams ( drums). All had played with Captain Beefheart ( aka Don Van Vliet ) at various times and their mission was to recreate songs from the Beefheart canon. Fast forward fourteen years and we arrive here: The Magic Band Farewell Tour to which I attended with friend K. last Monday 20th November 2017 at The Fleece, Bristol. Here's a thought. How many bands with great musicians after an interval of fourteen years still charge the same for their tickets ? Not many I venture. Arriving early I quickly grabbed the latest tour T shirt; still selling for a modest fifteen pounds. Pulling rabbits out of a hat indeed. The 'Fleece' quic

Catch up with Photos. A coded life?

The nights draw in and real racing returns. The majestic leaps; the noble presence; triumph and disaster lie side by side. Elation and despair. The Winter Kings return for our pleasure. Frosty, crisp mornings, bring heart-warming country-side views. Here are three, two from darkest Essex, one from deepest Brockworth. Courtesy J& D. Courtesy K. 🁐⚄⚄⚄⚄⚄ Once a year, the River Thames is drained near Richmond for general maintenance .   Courtesy LJC. So for a short time it is possible to walk across to Eel Pie Island. More explanation here:  Thames Drain 🁐⚄⚄⚄⚄⚄ On October 16th, owing to unusual weather conditions , aided by Saharan dust, the sun appeared to turn pink- weird stuff! Courtesy LJC 🁐⚄⚄⚄⚄⚄ The above is a picture taken from inside the new, American style burger bar " Five Guys, " which has recently opened in Cheltenham. Young d. too