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Pen Friends: French Leave:

"The Paper is breathless  Under the hand And the pencil is poised Like a warlock's wand But the white page darkens And is blown on the wind And the voice of a pencil who can find?"

( From 'Drawings by Mervyn Peake ' Grey Walls Press 1949 )

I Wrote :

The Mighty Parker
The mighty Parker descended in a gentle, yet forceful drop meeting the paper with a damp kiss. travelling south producing  a vertical line. A nanopause, then a flourish. I. Movement on a North East, South West axis until; M.
Nanopausing, then the Parker movement is repeated until;


Before the nib rests to inhale, vertical lines combine with  horizontal branches until;

Characters converse:

" Hi i am I"

"Hi I, i am M "

"Me 2"

"who is your paper mate?" I asked

i be eeeee!
" Can we get together?"

I asked.

" Great idea "

They replied. Go.
I IiiiI  
 Now together 
" Now you two try."


More Football Predictions : Cheltenham 'Treasure': Border View

Following on from last week, here are my predictions for football Leagues 1 and 2.

League 1

Blackburn        7/4

           Plymouth         14/1

          Doncaster          10/1

Blackburn, hopefully having got their troubles set aside, should  begin their long road back to respectability . They are a big club, with a proud history. Time to show their mettle.

Plymouth were there and thereabouts in their promotion run last season. They only gave way to rivals Portsmouth on the last day, yielding top spot in part, thanks to a 6-0 drubbing of Cheltenham Town (oh dear! ). If they start well, they can make a bold show this season, at  much better odds than Pompey.

Taking a chance with Doncaster. They usually strip fit at the beginning of the season and are always hard to beat. Consistency is their watchword. Nobody will look forward to playing them towards the end of the season.

Others to consider: Portsmouth; Wigan and Charlton.

League 2

              Coventry      12/1

               Swindon  …