More Football Predictions : Cheltenham 'Treasure': Border View

Following on from last week, here are my predictions for football Leagues 1 and 2.

League 1

               Blackburn        7/4
           Plymouth         14/1

          Doncaster          10/1

Blackburn, hopefully having got their troubles set aside, should  begin their long road back to respectability . They are a big club, with a proud history. Time to show their mettle.

Plymouth were there and thereabouts in their promotion run last season. They only gave way to rivals Portsmouth on the last day, yielding top spot in part, thanks to a 6-0 drubbing of Cheltenham Town (oh dear! ). If they start well, they can make a bold show this season, at  much better odds than Pompey.

Taking a chance with Doncaster. They usually strip fit at the beginning of the season and are always hard to beat. Consistency is their watchword. Nobody will look forward to playing them towards the end of the season.

Others to consider: Portsmouth; Wigan and Charlton.

League 2

              Coventry      12/1

               Swindon      14/1

               Lincoln         12/1

Coventry, a troubled side, with many managerial problems and financial worries but with a good stadium and potentially large support are hardly a 'bomb-proof ' bet,  but  can only travel in two directions. Let's hope it's upwards.

Swindon, with good manager Dave Flitcroft at the helm, having enjoyed a promising pre-season look ripe for advancement. Will not be far away come  next April.

Lincoln had a stellar season last year winning their league with aplomb. They enjoyed an amazing FA Cup run and in so doing, raised the club's profile and made some decent money. This has been invested in better players, so they are likely to ' come out of the traps ' running  and make an early impression. Definitely  a team to watch.

Others to consider: Mansfield and Luton


'Dancing Ken' Hanks.

Dancing Ken Hanks, was a true eccentric.He shared a passion for the American Wild West wearing a Stetson hat and painting his car ( Ford Fiesta ) with western symbols, but also adding union flags as well.
 He was regularly seen around Cheltenham and belonged to the "Monster Raving Party," who else?
He continually raised money for local charities until his death on April1st 2017 at the age of 81.

Read more about his colourful life from the link above.

I must confess, I had largely forgotten Dancing Ken, until the other day whilst walking along the  Cheltenham streets, I espied a house with the unmistakable look of  Mr. Hanks; and so it proved to  be the case.

Dancing Ken Hanks 16th November 1935 - Ist April 2017 R.I.P. 

The 'Rhinestone Cowboy ' has  danced into the celestial pastures.


Cut and tended
with military
Borders manicured
like a grassy scalp;
inch perfect..
Cultivated elegance,
proudly displayed
Hanbury Hall.


Blustery today; a change in the climes methinks. Certainly not 'Glorious Goodwood ' weather.
Must be nearing the return of the football season Not too bad then.

WiFi for now,


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