Dark Smile

I found this poem from the Late Mervyn Peake and judged it worthy of your attention.

" With people, so with trees: when there are groups
of either, men or trees, some will remain
aloof while others cluster where one stoops
to breathe some dusky secret. Some complain

And some gesticulate and some are blind;
some toss their heads above green towns: some freeze
for lack of love in corpses of mankind;
some laugh; some mourn; with people, so with trees."

Taken from " A World Away- A Memoir of Mervyn Peake " by Maeve Gilmore. (1971)



  1. The photograph is starkly beautiful, and the accompanying poem is equally striking - melancholy but enriching. Reminds me of Psalm 1 - "blessed is the man...like a tree planted by the water..."

  2. Thank you.
    I've always been a great fan of Mervyn Peake; His writing and line drawing shows great technical ability and when combined with his prodigious imagination; you have, to my mind a very special person.


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