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Admiral's Advice: Richmond Walk: More Leaves.

@ CTFCofficial Cheltenham Expects ..... Your min. requirement is to score a score (20) by Christmas, then you can climb in the Spring. COYR RrrrrrrrrrrrrrRrrrrrrrrrrrrr An easy travel home for D. and I in this virtually  empty train carriage  from Reading to Cheltenham. That's the life. Last Wednesday ( 23/ 10 ) D. and I had a lovely walk along the "  Thames Path "  from Twickenham to Richmond. The leaves on the riverside trees were just beginning to turn. The sun had come out and rippled  off the Thames. There were many interesting sights along the way. We spied this Pelican on a log in the river. Crossing the river via a bridge in Richmond, we made our way  on the "  Thames Path "  towards the nearby lock. There were many benches to be seen; each one dedicated to a person who has passed on. Among those was this one for Eddie Harvey. I was amused

E-Read: Admiral's Advice: Picture Catch-Up: Aliens?

It's nearly  a  year now since I had a present of a "Kindle E-reader, for Christmas. Here's what I wrote about it in March 2012. " What weighs approx 170 grams and can hold over 1400 books? The answer is a Kindle Ebook Reader. I was lucky enough to get one as a Christmas present and so having used it regularly for the last two months, I feel able to justify giving an opinion upon it. First up, what are its  Disadvantages? 1 It can never replace the touch and feel of a 'real' book. It lacks the visceral  sense of the pages. It has no discernible smell or odour and always has the same text, whatever subject you are reading. 2 It can be sometimes a tad tiresome navigating between pages; to read text and then refer to a location by use of a map, for example. To overcome this you have to either create an electronic bookmark, or refer to a page number which you have to input each time. 3 You can't guarantee to always get your book; ce

Colour on the Way: Admiral's Advice: Stourhead Stop.

Visited  the village of Notgrove, near Stow on the Wold, last Monday  (7 / 10 )  and in doing so retraced our steps along part of  '  The Gloucestershire Way'. D. and I went to look at the trees, to see whether their Autumn shades had arrived yet. The answer was not quite. Particularly we went to walk along a fine grove of beech trees. These lovely trees are positioned twixt two fields serving as a natural wind-break and also a barrier against the incursions of snow.  Straight,  tall and graceful these trees provide a very pleasant walking avenue leading from Notgrove to nearby Cold Aston The actual walk between these trees takes over a quarter of an hour. A very enjoyable short afternoon's ramble, virtually devoid of people and noise. BbbbbbbbbbBbbbbbbbbb Cheltenham Expects------------- The best way to avoid defeat depends upon the use of de-boots. Pass the ball with care, control and vision. COYR Bb

Tablet Talk:: Admiral's Advice: Wilson's Welcome.

If I said to you a few years ago, I have been engaged in swiping and pinching, you would think me a very unsavoury character. But today with one third of all Brits, now using tablets and therefore swiping or turning the 'pages' and pinching texts or pictures, in order to reduce size, the nature of  language has changed. The supermarket giant Tesco has just  entered the 'tablet wars' with the release on Monday 23rd October of their own machine, named the Hudl ( pronounced huddle). Read the review here: Hudl In my opinion, at £119 pounds ( or less with Tesco vouchers), this represents excellent value. As an Android operating device it has access to all the hundreds of thousands apps from the Apps Store and also has on- board the tried and tested Google Chrome browser, together with all the usual social media applications. Crucially It comes with with a ' Tesco Button,  ' which give the user, instant entry to all the Tesco operations, including on-line buyin