Admiral's Advice: Richmond Walk: More Leaves.

Cheltenham Expects ..... Your min. requirement is to score a score (20) by Christmas, then you can climb in the Spring. COYR
An easy travel home for D. and I in this virtually  empty train carriage  from Reading to Cheltenham. That's the life.

Last Wednesday ( 23/ 10 ) D. and I had a lovely walk along the " Thames Path " from Twickenham to Richmond.
The leaves on the riverside trees were just beginning to turn.

The sun had come out and rippled  off the Thames. There were many interesting sights along the way.

We spied this Pelican on a log in the river.

Crossing the river via a bridge in Richmond, we made our way  on the " Thames Path " towards the nearby lock. There were many benches to be seen; each one dedicated to a person who has passed on.
Among those was this one for Eddie Harvey. I was amused by the words. * Don't Sweat The Small Stuff."

A jazz musician, here is Eddie's Obit: Eddie Harvey.

Finally we reached the lock.

According to a sign I read, you could pay to go through by either card or cash.  Yes really.

A memorable walk indeed.


Finally in this weeks rather pictorial blog; here are two views from the Forest of Dean, taken today ( 26/ 10 ).


Well the clocks go back tonight and we are reaching the ' fag-end ' of the year.  It looks to be a stormy week ahead, so be careful, especially with falling branches, the trees having still  much foliage.

Batten down the hatches.


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