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Within: At Lyme Regis.


Within the Woman lies a little playful girl, who delights in paddling. She rushes into the sea,  uncaring and unrobing, as she goes.
Within the Man lies a little excitable boy. He runs into the surf, with board and rides the surf; at one with the motion. 
But this little Boy was not adventurous.  Whilst others plunged into  the briny; he merely dipped his toes. Leaping up the rocks was not his forte.  Instead crawling up with effort, he found purchase and read books abandoning his mind to the narrative. 
He ignored the cadence of the waves and gazed at puddles, where   in the drops of water, he saw  a link to the oceans deep and observed eternity within.
Ck 14,09/'19.

Last week D. d and I went to Lyme Regis for a few day's holiday.
Here are some photographs I took.

A glimpse of the Jurassic coastline.

An attractive floral display, by the side of Lyme's River Walk Near the site of a Leper hospital in the past.

A fishing boat anchored in the Bay, with Cobb Harbour in background.

A full moon r…