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TheCheltenham Cricket Festival: Medieval Jinks. Views.

The Cheltenham Cricket Festival A personal reflection. With no canvass tenting,  their view to dispense. They watched from their bikes , Leaning   up against the college fence. When play continued after the taking of tea, The crowd crept in  and took their seats,   all for free. They came with chairs, food and good ale. Soaking up whatever the weather did prevail. With panamas pitched low, Members enjoyed a postprandial rest. A day at the cricket proving; a severe,  waking test . Those mystical score- cards   kept coming around and around. Waiting for annotation  to show  you're been at the ground. Then the arrival of the  big tented,corporate marquees , Brought cover, and seats, with  food and booze to please. Tasty burgers and delicious fruit cake, prepared and served  by willing folk; Until Heath and Safety dragons   came and changed it all,   in  wordy smoke. Ah!-  all that veritable  goodness,  certainly no

Le Tour: Hanbury Hall: Laurie Lee Walk: Bless You.

This Year's Tour De France, after the first two legs in Yorkshire,  travelled to London from Cambridge, finishing up at The Mall. My photos, taken by A. and L. show,  how many  hours,  before the arrival in the capital, people were already taking their places. A great success and one wonders whether it will come to our' neck of the woods ' sometime in the future. BbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbB Last Thursday ( 10 /7 ) D. and I paid a visit to the National Trust property Hanbury Hall , near Droitwich in Worcestershire. It remains an impressive building set in fashionable landscaped grounds. The garden and walkways were in immaculate condition, in an highly formalised approach. Other ground photographs can be seen at my earlier blog post here: Hanbury 2012 I was particularly interested, this time with an exhibition of Japanese art,  based  upon NT properties ,  in the Long Gallery by the artist  Takumasa Ono . The exhibition

The Man Inside: Dorset And Devon Delights: Ice And Fire.

The Man Inside The Man inside the Man watches the world pass by, feeling at times the need to make comments; but fearing the pain it may bring  and the trouble that may follow. The Man inside the Man feels the fire of passion within and directs an ice-like calm to dampen down the responses. The heat of the moment frozen back to a stable state. The Man inside the Man ages only slowly,  remaining forever youthful in his favourite time interlude. He feels his lustrous locks and gazes down at narrow waist, flared trousers and shiny boots. His powers are undimmed and strength able to cope with all his bodily demands. The Man inside the Man may sometimes be glimpsed when sounds are heard, pictures are seen and phrases are spoken demanding a need for a vocal  demonstration often loud and ugly. At such times: the Man inside the Man is outside again. Ck, 4/7/'14 Above Art courtesy   Kevin O&