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Leader's Sketches:Bloomin' Good

With the General Election only a handful of days away, here is my lighthearted sketch of the Party Leaders. Mr Clegg: Dear old Nick, suffers from two main faults. He always tells the truth, as he sees it and doesn't understand the game of politics. Recently I observed him in the manner of an annoyed Deputy Head, tearing a strip off the Headmaster, in front of the class. Hardly a good political move. One of my viewing delights watching PMQs is the bored look Nick often betrays. He seems to be thinking ' Get me out of here , what am I doing in this jungle ?' However he is learning an important lesson  being; say little, in terms of policy details, keep ones head down and as a result deliver better than expected party results.  Mr Cameron:  he seems to be  looking progressively  tired the longer this election business goes on. He can't understand why he is not further ahead in the polls. After all, all of the indicators are pointing in the right

For Tom:Deer old Richmond.

For Tom                It was the smile one noticed. It radiated outwards, taking in Those wide lustrous, engaging eyes. "Hello , he said in that lilting brogue , It's good to see   you again." Open handed, shake or pat  the shoulder More words spoken,  up close listening. Absorbed in the craic. Images of past and present times flowed On the screen. Immortality in a digital age. Testimony given, moments fleshed out. The Father, the Eater, the Practical Joker and Faithful One. A life fully lived. Then. " Paddy McGinty's Goat " was heard And it was over; or was it? That essence filled the air and when I see With my mind's eye, himself, l start to grin  And smiling,  go on with the journey. Ck. 17/ 04/ '15 TtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttG On Easter Sunday ( seems like a long time ago, )  D. and I, together with A. and L. found ourselves in Richmond Great Park. Here are