For Tom:Deer old Richmond.

For Tom
It was the smile one noticed.
It radiated outwards, taking in
Those wide lustrous, engaging
"Hello, he said in that lilting brogue,

It's good to see you again."

Open handed, shake or pat  the shoulder
More words spoken,
 up close listening.
Absorbed in the craic.

Images of past and present times flowed
On the screen.
Immortality in a digital age.

Testimony given, moments fleshed out.
The Father, the Eater, the Practical Joker and
Faithful One. A life fully lived.

" Paddy McGinty's Goat " was heard
And it was over; or was it?

That essence filled the air and when I see
With my mind's eye, himself, l start to grin 
And smiling,  go on with the journey.

Ck. 17/ 04/ '15


On Easter Sunday ( seems like a long time ago, )  D. and I, together with A. and L. found ourselves in Richmond Great Park. Here are some photos that we took:

Many large trees gave testimony to years  of growth.

Deer roamed freely about seemingly uncaring
 about traffic dangers ahead.

The London City Skyline could be seen in the distance.

A large lake was spotted.

And naturally there was a profusion of blooms.


Well there we are, a short blog this week, as I have been busy sorting out a family wedding and learning to use the new Photos App, which keeps all my pictures backed up in ' The Cloud' and on supported devices. Whatever next! 

Hoping to hit the blossom trail next week. Meanwhile enjoy the April sunshine; Tuesday looks especially nice.
Cheerio for now,


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