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A Tip to the Past

This blog marks the demise of the cap and particularly the hat.This picture was taken of a rare hat-shop in Dorset U.K. It shows the world of the Fedora, Trilby, Snap-Brim, Borsalino and Panama.Such elegant creations compared to the Base Ball and Wool 'Tea Cosy" cap. We should also mourn the loss of the full-length coat , which partnered the hat on outdoor missions. Perhaps , with the increase in energy costs ( 30% lost through your head ) and possible colder conditions , our noble wool and felt friends will make a return to our streets and pavements. We shall see, although I am not brimful of confidence. Ciao4now Ck. NP  " Rise up to Be" - Gary Lucas.

A tint of regret

Following yesterdays weather announcement , I headed for the hills expecting to take some good frost shots. Naturally , being a perverse English  climate , I found deep blue sky and the sharpest conditions possible , as you can see from this photo taken of the Stroud valley from Rodborough Common.As a coda to this , coming home down the motorway , the skies changed to leaded grey and the rain poured down. What will the 'morrow bring ? Ciao4now  Ck. NP "Tropical Hot Dog Night "  Coati Mundi

Cold Snap

It's getting cold today ; October , clearly wants to end with frost, having produced some of the sunniest  weather this year. This picture was takenlast Tuesday (21/10) at the top of Windmill Hill, Avebury in Wiltshire U.K.. The mound you can see in the centre distance is the famous Silbury Hill, which incredibly , when it was 40 metres high , in prehistoric times was taller than anything else in Europe. Windmill Hill ,is part of a neolithic community ,which dates back over 5,000 years. It was good to walk on those ancient slopes and sense the living history ,beneath my feet. Perhaps there is a purpose to our crowded lives after all. Oh well back to the future , looking out for those scarves and gloves. bye a bit C.K. N.P. "strange attractors "  Mercury Rev.

time crime

tomorrow, 25th October, here in the U.K. we have to put back our clocks one hour.This is a silly war-time measure (lighter mornings - less dangerous - to whom?) , which has never been rescinded. The trouble is , we now live in the 21st Century and possess a plethora of gadgets which have time dimensions built into them. In my case , digital camera , mobiles (cell-phones) , ipods , central heating , videos and of course clocks. I really don't need this headache twice a year. Can we be more European in nature and stop this nonsense ?

finisterre - the end?

Hi fellow twittersfeeling blue today; internet has been down for two days , due to a chewed cable (whoops). Reminded, reading "Lost Worlds " by Michael Bywater of the loss of Finisterre ( The End of the World) , which was a nautical  location in the U.K. Shipping Forecast. It has been replaced by FitzRoy, but that's another story. The question remains is the loss of Finisterre a metaphor for Global end-times ? Under Chaos Theory the more connected a system is ; the more unstable it becomes, which seems to be proved by the activities of the Stock Markets. On the bright side , have you all downloaded iTunes 8.1 ? The genius feature is an interesting addition (inter connectivity again - damm) and it means we'll soon be singing the same songs !       ciao4now           Ck       N.P. my first genius playlist

Pressing Matters

Last weekend my keyboard refused to let me put in a space.I had to e-mail in this manner " Hi+?+ Sorry+about+lack+of+so+on" . I could just about cope , but worse was to happen; the keyboard froze and no presses were acknowledged by the computer. Life was at a standstill; no passwords , no progress. However those nice people at the local Apple Store helped me out and for a modest purchase price , I acquired a new touch type keyboard which is now knocking out these words as I write. N.P. "got so smart " by Drumbo N.R.  "6 different frames " by Edward De Bono Ciao4now Ck

Rock of Ages

I went to a rock concert yesterday ,it featured three legendary acts from the 70's; Groundhogs , Wishbone Ash and the Dutch group Focus.Because time and hair moves on ; there were three original members , one from each group. Groundhogs- Tony " ts" Macphee; Ash - Martin Turner and finally Focus - Thijs Van Leer. They all played with passion and verve and it was interesting to see in  the case of Ash and Focus  the old meisters appearing to tutor their younger pupils as to the pace and nuances of solos from the back catalogue. Which , I suppose beggars the question,does classic rock have a sell- by date ? or does it constantly re-invent itself ?   ciao4now     Ck

The inbetween Season

I guess you need an ego to blog ; Why does anyone want to read this ?Rather in the same vein as the two Roman Emperors , Julius and Augustus , who  demanded that a month be named after them , thereby re- positioning  October (oct= 8) to the 10th month of the year. This leaves October as a bit of a hybrid ; wrong in the calendar and neither Summer or Winter and so we have bright mornings with no real heat contrasted with evenings not properly light or dark. In horse-racing , not quite the end of the Flat and yet not quite ready for the major 'chasers to reappear over the jumps. N.P.  "Pilgrim" by Wishbone Ash N.R.  "The Hunting of The Snark "  by Lewis Caroll            Ciao4now               D.