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Reflections: Photographs and Poems

Tree view at Newark Park near
Wotton-Under -Edge, Glos.

Stan the Man (had a plan) They called him the Dude, which actually wasn't rude because Stan dressed smart , which set him apart from the others.
Came the Second World War Stan heeded the countries' call. Joining the eighth army corps; the desert rats,a tough theatre to be sure. In Red Cross trucks, he plied  his dangerous trade. Picking wounded men from the battlefield , coming to their aid. With Stuka planes diving low,  Stan drove carefully, not too slow. He counted the time between each shell and prayed he would make it back home  from all this hell.

"Beyond the Call of Duty ' was the citation; a brave man, from many; from our nation.
Back home reunited his wife
Stan returned to civilian life.

A draper he became and soon displayed
an artistic talent with garments he arrayed.
A quiet and modest man 
who asked for nothing more
than his family,garden and house
to feel secure.

Never angry with life, calm until the end
loved and respected, he gain…