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Snippets: Lindisfarne:Tadtastic: Robins: Butterfly: Frost.

NORTHUMBERLAND SCENE  from Lindisfarne "From Beblowes' Crag to Longstone Light The scene is clear, west wind makes bright From Budle Bay to Fenham Flat The "Old Laws" Obelisks at head of that. Emmanuel's Pyramid gleaming white- Looks o'er the Snook and Goswick Light. North to Berwick's clamouring effrontery Then onwards to St. Abbs the promontory. The "Pilgrims' Way" from Beal to Snook, Marked by barnacled poles the route, For centuries the bare-foot pilgrims plod In modern times by vehicles tyre shod. The way now metalled, yet lost each tide, Keeps the Island's Covenance, and its pride, Its customs quaint, and way of speech, Beyond that devil "Modernisation's" reach." J. Brian Hague Tea Shop, Holy Island. 1958 (Now known as Open Gate) Twixt Edinburgh and Newcastle, The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, lies five miles off from the main A1.  It is reached by a tidal causeway. It is a deeply affecting place, with

Major Greetings:Hill Walk.

"What ho everyone. Memsahib asked me to do an end of year report and pass on festive greetings. The log-fire is burning strongly. My man Baxter has furnished me with a pot of darjeeling and has managed to 'smuggle' in two crumpets, lashed with butter and blueberry jam. I shouldn't really; but if you don't tell, neither shall I. i shall write down my thoughts with the old Parker and then give it to Baxter who will later type it up on his new toy, an iPaddy; (which I had always thought was a dodgy Irishman.) He keeps wittering on about good  'my fly' or something and having full reception. He further tells me that, when he has finished editing on the iPaddy., he will be able to send my message straight to the tinternet, using the wireless. Well, in my day your wireless was an instrument for listening to the Light Programme and the Shipping forecast. It's all changed now hasn't it , dear me! Right where was I? Ah yes--- first off, if you'

Shadowlands: Golden Oldies:Christmas Lights

The above are characters from Tad Williams  "Shadowlands "  which   comprise    of four books: namely;  Shadowmarch;Shadowplay;Shadowrise and Shadowheart. Here is his website for you:  Tad  I found these drawings in an old folder of mine. They date from 2001, at which time Tad introduced the world to Shadowmarch  as an online serial. I subscribed to this and received chapters  as downloads, which I then printed out. At this time there was also an on-line forum, upon which readers contributed ideas and also art-work, as illustrated above. This was a brave, early attempt at interaction, between author and reader. I have, since that time thought it a good model for the future with the continuing rise of the E-book. The book Shadowmarch  went on to be published in 2004. I always knew there was a trilogy in the pipe-line,  and in 2007 came  Shadowplay  . After this volume  I lost touch with Tad and it was only recently that, visiting my local library, I saw a new book by