Shadowlands: Golden Oldies:Christmas Lights

The above are characters from Tad Williams  "Shadowlands "  which comprise  of four books: namely; Shadowmarch;Shadowplay;Shadowrise and Shadowheart.

Here is his website for you: Tad

 I found these drawings in an old folder of mine. They date from 2001, at which time Tad introduced the world to Shadowmarch  as an online serial. I subscribed to this and received chapters  as downloads, which I then printed out. At this time there was also an on-line forum, upon which readers contributed ideas and also art-work, as illustrated above.
This was a brave, early attempt at interaction, between author and reader. I have, since that time thought it a good model for the future with the continuing rise of the E-book.
The book Shadowmarch  went on to be published in 2004. I always knew there was a trilogy in the pipe-line,  and in 2007 came Shadowplay . After this volume  I lost touch with Tad and it was only recently that, visiting my local library, I saw a new book by Williams " The Dirty Streets of Heaven ",  and it made me wonder if he had finished the 'Shadow ' stories. I went onto the library website and found to my amazement two further books in the series. I ordered these and  have now just started reading book 4 " Shadowheart "

Apparently, there was so much material Tad had to write, that the trilogy expanded to a four-timer; which incredibly given their size, were both published in 2010.

In fantasy writing, you can make your own rules and when you are drawn into the world of the author, you happily believe in fairies, humans and tiny folk etc. It is a great pleasure, especially on these winter nights to immerse yourself in such books.

I like Tad's style of writing, his crisp use of the main characters, who all move forward in the story and  chapter length, which allows the reader to readily finish at an ending point, at the end of a session.


Now a tip of a big hat to those rock ' n ' roll golden oldies; The Rolling Stones and The Who.

They are both engaged in performing at this time.
The Stones have just started their '50th and Counting ' anniversary tour. Did I really see them in 1962?

They all seem to have retained their energy, especially Mick Jagger, who in their recent concert at London's 02 arena, kept up the momentum during a 23 song set, lasting two and half hours and further when you consider drummer Charlie Watts  has reached 71 years of age, this was an impressive show of stamina indeed.

The Who, with two original members singer Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townsend are in America bringing their 1973 pop-opera 'Quadrophenia ' to the audience once more.

I was interested to read that Roger, thought he had, for the first time, " nailed the music. "
The ability to almost hit the high registers in " Love Reign O'er Me " and then produce a scream at a 'youthful '  age of 68, is something to marvel at.

Long may both groups continue.

RrrrrSsssSSS WWWwww

Well  it's official, Winter is here. Our Postman has just discarded his shorts for long trousers.
It may be cold, but at least it's drier. To finish this posting, here are some shots of the Christmas lights on the Prom taken on  Friday (30/11. ). May your week ahead be filled with Advent joy.


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