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Dipping Time : A Major Release

Dipping Time
Under a watery porridge sun with fruit fluffy clouds and gazebo warmth, plans are made.

Chairs uncoupled.  Bottles spread. Victuals Collected. Oven ready.

Sunday best attire Gowns a-spendour Shoes shiny in step with frocks and coats. Let the dance begin.

By the porch we meet and greet and  sally forth to pews a-plenty. Camera clicks intrude the silence.

A prayerful time. Promises are made A signing of the cross A sign of things to come.

The font beckons and liquid refreshment will  soon be at hand.

The spirit descends. She is sprinkled with
Aquae Vitae
The eternal re-birth
has begun,

A candle is lit.
Light has entered her world
as we bathe in her glow.

Yestertime memories flood
our consciousness.
 With light steps and thankful hearts
we make our way  back to
celebrate this  unfolding  day.

Ck 22/ 06 / '16

A Major Release

"What Ho! Everybody,
Well the great Umpire in the sky has not given me out, so I'm still batting on for another season. Managed to g…

View from Earth: Twin Time

Black Ants

Black ants crawling over white sand The music of the beach. Whose pulse reaches the forest floor energising  the forms who, feed and move to   places In silent motion.

The trees, like elephants listen to the breeze aware of changes in the colour palette.
The pond, a doorway to the earth beneath.  water reflecting through  branches with  swaying scented air.
The clearing, a moment in time's spiral crushed under the march of nature.
A mad gavotte of mud and slime mark the passage  of multi-peds. The journey of life continues.

The distance from crawl to tall is small but Its effect is profound releasing the butterfly  of consciousness 
Once our roots are strong we branch out aware we know and are known.
The orchard years brings fruit and growth We yield our substance dropping seeds and make our mark upon the papyrus of knowledge.
The seasons pass, the juice is spent and finally it is time for the leaves to chase  the thermals attempting  to stave off  the final earth crash…