Dipping Time : A Major Release

Dipping Time

Under a watery porridge sun
with fruit fluffy clouds and
gazebo warmth, plans are made.

Chairs uncoupled. 
Bottles spread.
Victuals Collected.
Oven ready.

Sunday best attire
Gowns a-spendour
Shoes shiny in step with
frocks and coats.
Let the dance begin.

By the porch we
meet and greet and 
sally forth to pews a-plenty.
Camera clicks intrude the silence.

A prayerful time.
Promises are made
A signing of the cross
A sign of things to come.

The font beckons and
liquid refreshment will 
soon be at hand.

The spirit descends.
She is sprinkled with
Aquae Vitae
The eternal re-birth
has begun,

A candle is lit.
Light has entered her world
as we bathe in her glow.

Yestertime memories flood
our consciousness.
 With light steps and thankful hearts
we make our way  back to
celebrate this  unfolding  day.

Ck 22/ 06 / '16


A Major Release

"What Ho! Everybody,

Well the great Umpire in the sky has not given me out, so I'm still batting on for another season.
Managed to get down to Royal Ascot on the Saturday, the last day of the meeting. Losing a bundle until I felt a colonial twinge in the knees, combined with a truly patriotic feeling. Told my man Baxter to  stick the rest of the cash on Her Majesty's horse Dartmouth.

Mr Moore rode a sweet race and duly got up to win by a royal neck. We had then to endure a slight hiccup with a steward's enquiry. Personally I was never in doubt. The stewards had two  choices: the Queen wins : the Tower beckons.

Wisely they choose the former option.
I remember a Wren I knew in Dartmouth. My word she could trill a song, if you catch my drift.

Now, where was I? Ah yes Baxter was so pleased with the race result, that I let him fill up the Lexus on our return journey. So ended a profitable day,

Managed to secure a brace of ticket for the first day's Test at Lords versus Pakistan on 14th of July.

Baxter will drive and keep mcompany . Being a little unsteady on the pins, cricket suits me fine.
A read of the 'Times ' a chat, a doze and a little batting action fills in the playing hours splendidly.

Had a word with my gardener 'Moldy ' Muldoon about the possibility of growing  a tea crop on the slopes of our estate. He said with a dutiful sigh, that he would look into this. Quite fancy " Major  W. C. Grey's special leaf" and of course with some of the fruit we use for the cider, we could have some infusions as well. Ching! Ching! money in the pot I think!

Amid the pouring rain  our local Vicar Rev. Edward Harris ' Harris- ed ' of St. Needfulls opened our new cricket pavilion replete with a new solar panelled roof  ( the irony was not lost upon me ). Play was abandoned, but tea was taken.

The Memsahib is getting quite worked up about this referee. She wants to remain as she fears  as a spiteful move,  poor quality French wine will flood  the market if we leave.

Personally I'm with our sovereign  and want to regain our commonwealth ; not to mention trade with China to secure some tea knowledge .

Still whatever happens I'll  be knocking back the tablets and getting those wretched health checks from our local quack Barry Well, or as he is known around these parts B. Well 

Well I see my man Baxter gracefully waltzing in with the tea and crumpets.
Time to conclude this exposition.
Wyford- Clarke


Next week i'm off to find some trees.

Meanwhile here is a fixture list for next season's League 2 matches, including Cheltenham ( (Robins )

Bless my old boots, the first of these games is on August 6th. hardly time for a breath!

Cheerio for now,


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