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Miles Away.

Miles Away
How do mere words convey the manner of this Man?
To show:

that twinkle in his eyes that lit the caring, welcoming smile. This smile that he sent out, so often returned to him.
To hear:

how intently he listened to news or personal troubles, then gave advice or comfort, always making slight of his own problems.
To know:

he batted with a straight bat, remaining calm, seemingly unflappable and
always dependable.

To see:

that he was prepared to take risks and
was usually rewarded by his
 sound judgement.

To realise:

he saw life as a challenge and
constantly rose to the occasion,
whether cooking in the kitchen,
playing a round of golf, or
travelling to new locations.

To remember:

he guarded  and cherished his friends  and
dearly loved his Wife, Daughters 
and Grandchildren.

To reflect:

He ran the race of life with aplomb 
and although the finish was
slightly uphill he crossed the 
winning post and claimed
the victory.

Thank you David, for your, generosity and  friendship of many years.
It was a privilege to have know…

Provider:In A Moment


", "  EE- easy lad" said old Mr Voda"
 "All you do is talk talk."

" 02 be 3 Dad. " replied EE.

" Nay lad , you're still a virgin,
but when you gain some cloud plus net
experience , why the sky's the limit
I wouldn't be surprised if you reach infinity and beyond."

' That chimes with me dad, I suppose
it's all as easy as ISP."

" It certainly is son, if you
look after your bundles."

Ck, 05 / 02/ / '16.


In A Moment

I looked. Eyes looked.
Hands moved. Eyes followed.
I spoke. Gurgles replied.
I smiled. Eyes beamed.
I laughed. Hands jerked.
I grinned. Smile returned.
I was struck. Blinded by love.
It all happened, In a moment,

Ck. 06 / 02 / '16.


That's about it this week, Silliness and sentiment  can make good partners.

My first poem/prose talked about mobile carriers and ISP ( Internet Service providers ). I wrote it in part because of  the proposed merger of 3 (Hutc…

A Day At The Races.

1 The racecourse and all its glory.

2 New stands and walkway.

3 Overlooking winner's enclosure and weighing room.

4 Overlooking parade ring.

5 Overlooking the course and' Best Mate' enclosure.

6 Going out onto the course.

7 The big winner "Smad Lane " comes back.

8 Coming back to the applause.

9  The infamous buffalo coat still on show.

Yesterday d.  and I went to Cheltenham Races. It was Festival Trials day; being the last chance for the horses to test themselves on the course before the big festival in March.
Also for one admission price ,one has access to virtually all parts of the ground, saving the corporate boxes and restaurants.
Neither of us had been for a few years and I was keen to view the recently built new stand and walkway (pic 2 ) , allowing through passage to the paddock .

The day started with a scare, due to 15mm of rain being dumped upon the course during the night. Parts of the course were waterlogged and a ten 'o clock inspection was called for.