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"  EE- easy lad" said old Mr Voda"
 "All you do is talk talk."

" 02 be 3 Dad. " replied EE.

" Nay lad , you're still a virgin,
but when you gain some cloud plus net
experience why the sky's the limit
I wouldn't be surprised if you reach
infinity and beyond."

' That chimes with me dad, I suppose
it's all as easy as ISP."

" It certainly is son, if you
look after your bundles."

Ck, 05 / 02/ / '16.


In A Moment

I looked.
Eyes looked.

Hands moved.
Eyes followed.

I spoke.
Gurgles replied.

I smiled.
Eyes beamed.

I laughed.
Hands jerked.

I grinned.
Smile returned.

I was struck.
Blinded by love.


It all happened,
In a moment,

Ck. 06 / 02 / '16.


That's about it this week, Silliness and sentiment  can make good partners.

My first poem/prose talked about mobile carriers and ISP ( Internet Service providers ). I wrote it in part because of  the proposed merger of 3 (Hutchison - Hong Kong based) with 02 ( Oh to be free/three). It is currently being blocked by the European Commission, because of monopoly considerations. Hutchison have offered O2 £10.25bn.
The bid has been accepted. This would give the combined group a potential of thirty one million customers.
In an effort to ameliorate the situation, Hutchison (3) has promised to freeze prices for five years,
  to invest £5bn to improve mobile phone coverage  and thirdly, open up the network for rivals.
It will be interesting to see how this sale proceeds.

 It was quite illuminating in Cheltenham High Street to view the four main carriers's shops almost within touching distance of each other. They are in picture order top to bottom O2; EE; 3 and Vodaphone. I hope you enjoy my nonsense above.

My second item addresses a wonderful bonding I had last week with our four and a half month old Granddaughter S., whom we visited last week. A moment to cherish and remember.

Enjoy your pancakes on Tuesday and let's hope for drier conditions next week.
Cheerio for now,


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