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The Major Report; Morris Dancer

' The Major requested me to place this statement with regard to his latest health issues:       A. Baxter. "  Respected Friends, Acknowledged Creditors and Sundry Others. Thank you all for your concerns.  My daily treatment for the 'nether regions' is progressing relatively smoothly, allowing for variations in timing, wind and water. I am being treated with great civility by all members of staff. Baxter has conveyed me to and from the hospital, which is immensely  helpful.  We have the use of a parking permit, which avoids the clatter of coinage and is a real boon to Baxter.  I have been glad of my tweed suitings, due to the rather inclement winds which seem to be ushering in the start of Spring. I asked Baxter to furnish me with some reading matter, whilst waiting to be called in for treatment. His immediate choice was " The Illustrated History of Glasgow Rangers." which I'm bound to say, was less than inspiring. With a request for  more patriot

Wheels Leave Hell: Spring in the Air

For me it all started on the trail with  The Lone Ranger  and his faithful companion Tonto  Here is his Fan Club Lone Ranger He was  dressed in an immaculate costume and mask, never shredded an inch of dust from his long dusty rides. His blue shirts never creased and there was never a sweat stain to be seen. His beautiful white horse was groomed to the minute and  although  his silver bullets brought down the "bad men " , there was never any visible signs of blood.  After came  The Range Rider  staring Jock Mahoney and his side-kick Dick West ( Dick Jones) known as the " All American Boy ",  This was another wholesome family watch. Our two clean-living heroes performed 78  half hour episodes over nearly three years in the 50s They did all their stunts. Range Rider Over on the "independent channel (ITV) were Rawhide and Wagon Train. Rawhide  was the story of a continual cattle drive and in its way one of the first literal ' Cowboy "  progra