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A Good Spot of Luck: Back to the Tunnel

On Friday 22nd of July, I was in Uley again, this time not to walk the ancient site (the bury); but instead to walk to the village of Owlpen; which lies about two miles, in the valley below.

Once again walking instructions let me down; but this time instead of bringing me to a road, near the edge of a small wood; I was brought to a bench, which afforded me one of the best views in the Stroud valleys. Judge for yourself.

Over to my left I could see, Owlpen Church, my next point of call.

Having such a good visual sighting, I really soon made my way by woodland paths to the church and this  included going through a property, which had a sign outside, giving permission to access the churchyard.
The church was named the Holy Cross  and had a surprise  for the visitor, in the shape of this wonderful Angel.

It was a truly inspiring picture.

From this church, it was, but a short walk down the road to my starting point in Uley, where a pint of the local brew 'Uley Bitter' assuaged my t…

If You Go Down The Woods Today.

One of the curiosities in the Forest of Dean, is PuzzleWood, near Coleford. It is a 14 acre site filled with ancient woodland.

It has been used as a location  for the television programmes "Dr. Who ' and 'Merlin'; it feels different with its old paths and moss- encrusted trees.

As you see it is an especially enchanted place; well worth a visit.
However, you should note the woodland paths are worn and one can slip on them.
I would strongly advise walking shoes/boots and sturdy out-door gear.

Have a good week; Glorious Goodwood ahead, so panamas are required, especially as there will be plenty of sun this week.

Enjoy: and as always, love the one you're with.


Trail Notes

So it was, that I came to the village of Eastville Turville, living cheek by jowl, with Eastville Martin. The walk, of 4.5 miles in duration was "The Leach Valley." It was taken from ' Short Walks in The Cotswolds ' Pub. Collins June 2010.

The reason, dear readers, why I am giving this information, is that unfortunately, although a recent publication, I had difficulty in following the route. By chance I also met with a couple , on the walk, using this book, who like me,  lost their way.
This is unacceptable; instructions given, should give no room for doubt, not giving reason for miss-interpretation, and thus spoiling the event.
That's the raspberries.

But, of course like nearly all Cotswold jaunts, there are views to be shared and joys to be had.

The walk started by the lovely River Leach and came round the bend to  The Keble Bridge, one of the most photographed spots in the Cotswolds; lovely when adorned with daffodils in the Spring

The interesting thing was tha…

Respected Sir.....

" Respected Sir,
                        I am normally a patient, calm, citizen, only getting a triffle agitated, when boundary catches are dropped, warm beer is served and Edward 'Weddingband' comes on the goggle-box.
 But enough is enough. I feel compelled to send this missile to your worthy newspaper; in the hope that, in  doing so, it will vent some of my bile.

The facts are these: Last Friday , on the first  of July, I was taking the dogs Macmillian and Eden for their morning constitutional. I was just getting over a bout of the 'Delhi Belly', blowing hot and cold, so to speak, when upon  an green island , by the Pub, I espied a bunch of job-seekers and general slackers. They were smoking, leaning against vehicles, playing with  'boy-toys', taking up the oxygen and making the place look untidy.

Putting my dogs on full alert, I made my way through this motley bunch, until I was stopped by a Johnnie Jobsworth, with a security badge, next to a Road Closed si…