A Good Spot of Luck: Back to the Tunnel

On Friday 22nd of July, I was in Uley again, this time not to walk the ancient site (the bury); but instead to walk to the village of Owlpen; which lies about two miles, in the valley below.

Once again walking instructions let me down; but this time instead of bringing me to a road, near the edge of a small wood; I was brought to a bench, which afforded me one of the best views in the Stroud valleys. Judge for yourself.

Over to my left I could see, Owlpen Church, my next point of call.

Having such a good visual sighting, I really soon made my way by woodland paths to the church and this  included going through a property, which had a sign outside, giving permission to access the churchyard.
The church was named the Holy Cross  and had a surprise  for the visitor, in the shape of this wonderful Angel.

It was a truly inspiring picture.

From this church, it was, but a short walk down the road to my starting point in Uley, where a pint of the local brew 'Uley Bitter' assuaged my thirst and let me dwell on those wonderful views I had seen earlier.

This week by way of a visit to relations, near Cirencester, found me at The Tunnel House at Coates.
By pure serendipity ( honest) I found that a beer festival had just started.

The Beer was laid out in barrels on trestles in a large tent. I accepted the friendly landlord's recommendation and invested in a golden brown nectar named 'Danish Gold' from Stonehenge Brewery.
(knocks your rocks off ? )

The picture above shows the Tunnel House, which used to be home to construction workers building the  canal. It was burnt down in 1952 and converted into a pub (lucky move!)

When one walks down old stone steps, the canal level is reached and an idea of the Severn Thames Canal can be seen.

For futher details  re this canal refer to postings : 'Sapperton Walk' 22/05/'11 and 'Trail Notes ' 10/07/'10

So as you can see with all this history staring at you, more than just a place to have a drink and bite to eat.




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