Miles Away.

Miles Away

How do mere words convey the manner
of this Man?

To show:

that twinkle in his eyes that lit
the caring, welcoming smile.
This smile that he sent out,
so often returned to him.

To hear:

how intently he listened to news
or personal troubles, then gave
advice or comfort, always making
slight of his own problems.

To know:

he batted with a straight bat, remaining
calm, seemingly unflappable and
always dependable.

To see:

that he was prepared to take risks and
was usually rewarded by his
 sound judgement.

To realise:

he saw life as a challenge and
constantly rose to the occasion,
whether cooking in the kitchen,
playing a round of golf, or
travelling to new locations.

To remember:

he guarded  and cherished his friends  and
dearly loved his Wife, Daughters 
and Grandchildren.

To reflect:

He ran the race of life with aplomb 
and although the finish was
slightly uphill he crossed the 
winning post and claimed
the victory.

Thank you David, for your, generosity and  friendship of many years.
It was a privilege to have known you.

D.M. 1947 - 2016. R.I. P.

Ck, 13 / 02 / '16.


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