View from Earth: Twin Time

Black Ants

Black ants crawling over white sand
The music of the beach.
Whose pulse reaches the forest floor
energising  the forms who, feed and move to  
places In silent motion.

The trees, like elephants listen to the breeze
aware of changes in the colour palette.

The pond, a doorway to the earth beneath.
 water reflecting through  branches with
 swaying scented air.

The clearing, a moment in time's spiral
crushed under the march of nature.

A mad gavotte of mud and slime mark the passage
 of multi-peds.
The journey of life continues.

The distance from crawl to tall is small but
Its effect is profound releasing the butterfly 
of consciousness 

Once our roots are strong we branch out
aware we know and are known.

The orchard years brings fruit and growth
We yield our substance dropping seeds and
make our mark upon the papyrus of knowledge.

The seasons pass, the juice is spent and
finally it is time for the leaves to chase
 the thermals attempting  to stave off
 the final earth crash.

The return is  soon complete as the black ants move
forward and sound the final coda..

Ck 17/ 06 / '16


I  am greatly in  debt to the Late Don Van Vliet ( Aka  Captain Beefheart) who explained that music was merely ' Black Ants crawling across White Paper '.
This provided the spark that allowed me to make my marks above, His unique mind keeps be unbalanced  and ready to think in different directions. Thanks Mr. B.


Finally, for no more reason than one of the cars is my own, I present a brace of Twingos parked side by side in adjoining bays.


 Well never being of the European persuasion, I intend to make my mark next Thursday and vote leave in the referendum. At my age you don't get many chances to be a rebel  and this one I shall seize gladly.

Cheerio for now,


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