finisterre - the end?

Hi fellow twitters
feeling blue today; internet has been down for two days , due to a chewed cable (whoops).
Reminded, reading "Lost Worlds " by Michael Bywater of the loss of Finisterre ( The End of the World) , which was a nautical  location in the U.K. Shipping Forecast. It has been replaced by FitzRoy, but that's another story.
The question remains is the loss of Finisterre a metaphor for Global end-times ?
Under Chaos Theory the more connected a system is ; the more unstable it becomes, which seems to be proved by the activities of the Stock Markets.
On the bright side , have you all downloaded iTunes 8.1 ? The genius feature is an interesting addition (inter connectivity again - damm) and it means we'll soon be singing the same songs !
      N.P. my first genius playlist


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