Cold Snap

 It's getting cold today ; October , clearly wants to end with frost, having produced some of the sunniest  weather this year. This picture was taken
last Tuesday (21/10) at the top of Windmill Hill, Avebury in Wiltshire U.K.. The mound you can see in the centre distance is the famous Silbury Hill, which incredibly , when it was 40 metres high , in prehistoric times was taller than anything else in Europe.
Windmill Hill ,is part of a neolithic community ,which dates back over 5,000 years. It was good to walk on those ancient slopes and sense the living history ,beneath my feet. Perhaps there is a purpose to our crowded lives after all.
Oh well back to the future , looking out for those scarves and gloves.
bye a bit C.K.
N.P. "strange attractors "  Mercury Rev.


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