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If I said to you a few years ago, I have been engaged in swiping and pinching, you would think me a very unsavoury character.
But today with one third of all Brits, now using tablets and therefore swiping or turning the 'pages' and pinching texts or pictures, in order to reduce size, the nature of  language has changed.

The supermarket giant Tesco has just  entered the 'tablet wars' with the release on Monday 23rd October of their own machine, named the Hudl ( pronounced huddle).
Read the review here:Hudl

In my opinion, at £119 pounds ( or less with Tesco vouchers), this represents excellent value. As an Android operating device it has access to all the hundreds of thousands apps from the Apps Store and also has on- board the tried and tested Google Chrome browser, together with all the usual social media applications.
Crucially It comes with with a ' Tesco Button,  ' which give the user, instant entry to all the Tesco operations, including on-line buying. Thus it becomes the first dedicated supermarket tablet marketing device, further cementing the user/shopper relationship.

Good thinking on Tesco's part and having only a seven inch display, in line with the iPad Mini (cheapest model £269 , ) it does not take up much display space in the store; televisions are soon to depart the shelves for this reason. In its first week, the hudl has clocked up sales of over 35,000 and I expect it to be one of the top childrens/ young adults  presents this Christmas.


Cheltenham expects------ Why be content to stay in the foothills, when you have peaks to climb? Onwards and upwards. COYR


Today ( 5/10/'13) at half past ten the revamped Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery, now renamed " The Wilson," was officially opened.

It was named after the polar expeditionary  Edward Wilson, a Cheltenham man, who was a member of Scott's ill-fated adventure.
Read more details of Wilson and the Museum here:Wilson

The building with four storeys,  has many rooms and possibilities for further displays. It should  prove to be a cultural asset to the Town.
 Here are some views and exhibits  that I photographed this morning.

The above display shows some Gloucestershire  ' slip-ware' glazed pottery, which many years ago   an acquaintance  of mine Peter 'Potter' Brown, who lived in Cam,  Dursley, used to imitate.

 Finally two pieces of Cheltenham memorabilia for you.

The Scottish soldier stood for many years outside Frederick Wright's Tobacconists shop , in the High Street. After being  shamefully vandalised, it was good to see him back in secure town keeping,

The bottom picture shows the badge of the Black and White Coach company, which proudly operated during the period 1926 - 1976 and from 1932  in its  spacious  premises in St. Margaret's Road.

In my days at two thirty every weekday afternoon,  you could watch the fleet of coaches set off for all parts of the country. A wonderful memory.


Well they don't call it 'The Fall' in America for nothing do they, judging from recent economic events there.
But over here, I'm just looking forward  to seeing  the colours on  those autumn trees, in their bright prelude to winter.

Cheerio for now,


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