Colour on the Way: Admiral's Advice: Stourhead Stop.

Visited  the village of Notgrove, near Stow on the Wold, last Monday  (7 / 10 )  and in doing so retraced our steps along part of  ' The Gloucestershire Way'.

D. and I went to look at the trees, to see whether their Autumn shades had arrived yet.
The answer was not quite.

Particularly we went to walk along a fine grove of
beech trees. These lovely trees are positioned twixt two fields serving as a natural wind-break and also a barrier against the incursions of snow.

 Straight,  tall and graceful these trees provide a
very pleasant walking avenue leading from Notgrove to nearby Cold Aston
The actual walk between these trees takes over a quarter of an hour.

A very enjoyable short afternoon's ramble, virtually devoid of people and noise.


Cheltenham Expects------------- The best way to avoid defeat depends upon the use of de-boots. Pass the ball with care, control and vision. COYR


Last Tuesday (  8 / 10 ), D. and I visited a long-promised destination, namely Stourhead, near Mere, in Wiltshire.
This from the National Trust guidebook: " The world famous landscape gardens ( first opened in the 1740s ), has as its centrepiece a magnificent lake reflecting classical temples, mystical grottoes and rare and exotic trees." further: " Stourhead House ( set in an 2, 650 acre estate ) has a unique regency library, Chippendale furniture and great paintings."

Although,  we had in the past been to Stourhead, we had never ventured inside the House.

It did not let us down. The library was indeed very special. I was especially drawn by both its height and the intensity of light, which flowed into the room. By contrast, in other NT properties the libraries are both smaller in dimension and darker in aspect.

A view from the door ( photo has sepia effect to enhance the available light.)

Thomas Chippendale, actually worked for awhile at Stourhead producing the furniture, which with fluted legs, used sometimes over 25 different types of wood in individual pieces.

 I told the guide there it was a shame that TC did not make musical instruments, with his knowledge of wood.
More on him here:Chippendale

Tuesday was a bright, warm day and although we did not see the full richness of the leaves; nevertheless the gardens/park were a glorious sight to behold and warranted many stops in carefully sighted benches to admire the picture properly.

Finally, to close a view from inside the Grotto, looking out to the lake.

A satisfying and memorable visit.
More here: Stourhead


Well Autumn is well and truly upon us. Enjoy the last full week of summer time. The clocks go back on the 27th or full back as they say in the States; so relish the evenings, while you can.



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