Festival Daze: Like a Rolling Stone(s)

Last Saturday, pitched up at Cheltenham Racecourse, the site of The Wychwood Festival; with the main idea of seeing Robyn Hitchcock and his Imaginary Band play their tribute to Captain Beeheart ( who as you probably know I'm more than a little keen on).
 As my friend K. and I entered the site down came the rain (penance for enjoyment), but by the time we reached the BBC introducing Tent,( for new acts,) with friendly bar (reward!); the rain was easing to a light shower.

A pint of 'Tunnel Vision' soon revived flagging spirits and we made our way out of the tent and began to look at the stalls. Right, from the start we could sense the laid back atmosphere and the calm peaceful air, which pervaded the festival.
I'm pleased to report that this initial  reaction to the festival, remained unchanged throughout the time we were there. It was always a family-pleasing, pleasant place to be.

This  shows the way to the main stage (the silver and white structure to the right.)

Later in the afternoon, K. and I sat down in front of the stage and watched a charming folk set by Eliza Carthy and her Band.

At just before five 'o' clock Robyn came onto the stage.

Here is a short video of the band playing " Big-eyed Beans from Venus."
It gets a little shakey, because I was not able to keep still (sorry folks); but hey,  you gotta live rock in the moment; haven't you?

The above picture shows Robyn on harmonica. I like the attention to detail; in that the album he was performing was entitled 'Clear Spot' and although they were not clear spots; note shirt and matching guitar. I liked that.

Later in the early evening, Neville Staple took to the main stage and wowed the audience, by revisiting his Specials and Funboy Three hits, with great energy and gusto.

By seven thirty this festival goer, had used up his excitement quotidian; and after a delicious ostrich burger (the lean meat makes it o.k.) , K. and I called it a day and made our way home.
Must do this more often; slept well that night.


On Wednesday (8/6) I visited the rollright stones; the most  east- ward stone circle in England. It lies just inside the Oxfordshire/ Gloucestershire border near Chipping Norton.

Learn more at:


The first picture, of the main circle, amused me with the juxtaposition  of the old and new. I named it 'Rollin' the Stones.'

The second picture are of the wonderful 'Whispering Knights.'  They  are to be found, on their  own about a quarter of a mile from the main circle.

And that brings 'the curtain down ' on this blog.

Enjoy Royal Ascot,




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