New 'Ark , New 'Ark: Scrubby Boots

Last Wednesday (22/6), after my MOT on my gums (failed again), I found myself at the National Trust owned property of Newark Park, near the quaintly named Ozleworth. I find it a deeply satisfying place to visit, because it has trees, a lake and most importantly to me, a view from the top storey, towards the Mendips, unsurpassed in the Cotswolds and pretty much anywhere.

To get an idea of the elevation of the house, here is the view from the back.

Now here are two views  from  the upper windows.

If you enlarge the first view, you should be able to see the  tower, that is Tyndale's Monument.
( See Way Ahead 30/06/'09 )

Impressive view, which has remained, thankfully, unchanged.

Newark Park, has a lake, which appeared to be well stocked with fish.

I think you can see the evidence of the above remark from this picture.

Finally, walking away from the lake, on the rising ground towards the house,  I found all by itself, in the sunlight this fish sculpture? at least I thought it was. What's your view ?


Last Friday (24/6) I made my way to the village of Finstock; where you say?
Well it is  a small village near Whitney in the county of Oxfordshire.
The reason for the visit was to try out one of the new "Step Into The Cotswolds " walks; meant, I believe as a taster for the region. The  circular walk was, just two miles in length.

This is one of the special waymarkers used for these walks.

Now stand by  for the raspberries.

Finstock was a very quiet, tidy village, with little vehicular movements and a general absence of people.
So far so good; but the walk itself, reasonably waymarked, was to my eyes, completely unremarkable.
Much of the footpaths, although not overgrown, led the walker along scrubby grassland, near a sewage works and up an aptly named Dark Lane which ended at a road called 'The Bottom.' One got that sinking feeling.

The following photographs, show some of the highlights ( thank goodness for that horse).

That was about it.
True,  it was, a mostly flat terrain and as long as you kept turning right, you completed the walk; but it didn't inspire and  I felt let down. I hope the other walks in the series are better prospects, in order to encourage people to our lovely Cotswolds.

Horse Talk: This is in danger of becoming a weekly feature, on the Queen's horse "Carlton House"; which ran yesterday in the Irish Derby. Once again he failed to last the one and half mile trip, finishing fourth, behind the O'Brien trained three. Please revert to one and a quarter and go to York. We need a royal victory.

Well bless 'em Elbow didn't let the fans down at Glastonbury; the crowd responses to their anthems was truely spine-tingling. Well Played Chaps !
No Glasto. next year, because, in part,  of those pesky 'pics.
Glad I didn't apply for any of the tickets.

Enjoy the week; don't expect Murray to win ( he's minted enough already--  Ho Ho). 1.1million to the winners; no inflation worries there I feel.
Enough of this carping,

#1book140 reads The Blind Assassin, drawing by @margaretatwood. on Twitpic
This 'twitpic is a drawing by Margaret Atwood, of the twitter group reading her book "The Blind Assassin", of which I am a member.
The group name,  being (@ 1book140). This month July, we start discussions on a new book " Kafka on the Shore," by my favourite Japanese Author Haruki Murakmi; of whom more later.


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