Seconds Out: Head For The Hills

Well today, being 23rd September, means I've been 'A-bloggin' for two years. So today, in a little show of self- preening, I bring you this picture:

as, you may see, it is a picture of my blog.
I loaded this up  on an iPad, which I used for the first time at the Covent Garden Apple Store (see " What Comes Round...") (20/08/'10)

This new portable computing touch screen device, has a great bright 10inch display, combined with fast loading capabilities and I was very favourably impressed.

I hope in this third year of the blog to introduce some video content, as well as continue with the  photographs.
STOP PRESS: just added (24/09) Video Bar, now watch Gary Lucas, Beefheart, Sun Kil Moon and Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Neat !

Now For Something Completely Different............

Tread carefully,
ancient ground lies under
your feet.

Cracked and parchment brown,
in summer heat.
the Ridgeway cuts through
The Valley of The Horse.

From Windmill Hill,
look south east to 
Alfred's Tower and
hear again the call
for men and Albion.

Centuries pass;
the Royal Call was heeded.
All was Restored by  
Sovereign healing.

High in this land,
 a Hunting Lodge
doll-house square,
with roof to view.
Let the Games begin
at Ashdown.

Valley Of The Horse.

Ashdown House.

Roof View.



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