River of Dreams

Visiting ' the smoke ' the other day; I ventured forth on a Clipper;

Which I caught near the 'Globe Theatre'.


It was great to sit in the craft and watch the Thames flow by me.  Because it was a water bus ( linked by ticket to the underground service), there was no annoying chat by a tour guide leaving my neck in one place and  not being overloaded by information.

Soon I arrived at London Bridge.

It was fascinating to view the ever changing sky line.

I decided to  leave the craft at the O2 Stadium ( olders  readers , think Millennium Dome ).

It is a remarkable building; especially in its internal dimensions, which allows for a multi- function capability. Many of the usual corporate food outlets are in place, waiting, it seemed to me for a stadium audience. I ventured into a 'hands- on'  display area, sponsored by Nissan Cars; it pointed up, to the coming green future and allowed me to post an instant video on the video talking wall.

On the way out I noticed this rather interesting 'bubble' installation.

If I tell you that it was about 4 or 5 metres above the floor, you will understand how high this dome actually is.

I caught the Clipper back (eastwards?) along the Thames and alighted near the Tower of London.

 After all the trudging  along the grassy footpaths watching the baby river grow; this was a very pleasant way to enjoy the 'Mighty Thames'.


N.P.  A collection of the incomparable readings by the Late Vivian Stanshall, including " Sir Henry At Rawlinson End".
In an age when any form of eccentricity is seemingly dismissed, it is refreshing to start the morning with a brew of coffee and then listen to the wonderful un"P.C." humour of Vivian. Highly recommended.


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