Journey to Gurney: Admiral's Advice:

"Tower gleamed wonderful.
Irresistible bubble bright,

in the morning light. "

So wrote Ivor Gurney, referring  to Gloucester Cathedral.

On August 31st D. and I attended ' The Ivor Gurney Memorial Festival ' at Gloucester Cathedral.
It was staged in order to raise funds  for a stained glass window in the Lady Chapel depicting the life of the City's poet and musician, Ivor Gurney.

More about Ivor here:Gurney

The Concert featured Simon Callow, reading Ivor's words; and  The English Chamber Orchestra and Choir whose programme  included works by Gurney.

The concert also included a world choral premiere of Judith Bingham's " A Walk with Ivor Gurney. "
This work was adapted from Ivor's poem " Dawn. "
I particularly liked the last verse ( copied here from the programme ) :

" The wind of Autumn has touched there, the beech trees have changed.
   All the willowherb of all the world falling steep to the Villa
    Where once the Romans ranged, is a wonder of light chanced."

The mention of a villa resonated with me and reminded me of Witcombe's Villa; a place where Gurney surely visited.

I enjoyed the concert, but I must say the  event was spoilt for me by very poor acoustics, which allowed  especially the higher registers to escape upwards to the ceiling and in so doing so out of my hearing range. A shame.


Cheltenham Expects------------ Be Role Models;  not Roll Models. Keep your fitness levels high Lads.


Footnote:  I saw  Cheltenham Town ( The Robins ) play Portsmouth last Saturday ( 7/ 9 ).

The defence seemed weak and struggled at times to relieve  the ball from the penalty area.
The link-up play was poor and they need a player who has the ability to hold the ball up and then release it to the forwards.
But, for all that, they played with great heart and showed a good team spirit to close the game at two goals each.
They should improve as the season progresses.


Well it's cooling down and the gardens are happy with the promise of more rain.
To conclude this week a little Cotswold weather rhyme from Rodborough for you.


" Bring out your sou'westers
   say the bells of Woodchester.
  All right, old thing,
  Answers Rodborough, ding , ding. "


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