Up and Down from The Mount

Date : 21st January 2011.
Location : Stanton, Gloucestershire
Climate :  Clear blue skies; bright low sun. 7 deg. C.
Distance: 2.5 miles
 Type:  Circular

I launched from Stanton, on the Cotswold Way  circular walk "3 - Stanton, Snowshill and the Edge".
 The full route, has a distance of 6 miles, mine as you can see from the above is the shorter version.
 It, nevertheless has a complete feeling, in that it takes you uphill, then along the escarpment and finally downhill to your starting point. This is Horse and Pony country, causing the bridleways to be encrusted with hoof prints and wet under foot.

The route takes you  from the village to join a path which takes you relentlessly upwards, climbing out of the valley and affording prime Cotswold views.

The track continues to climb beneath some elegant beech trees.

The walk then continues until you reach a way-marker (green for circular) at the top. Shortly after this you reach a kissing-gate to the left of a farmhouse, bringing you onto a wide, well-fenced track, which leads you, plateau- like across the top. Upon this day, this was a glorious experience, the walking was easy, the clarity of the views exquisite and all was well in the world.

After half a mile the track reaches a cattle grid. At this (for the shorter route) you need to take a sharp left and ignoring the right  Cotswold Way sign for Broadway, press ahead until you come to a gate which leads you on a downwards path.

On the right-hand side I noticed some training  hurdles, which reinforced the equine nature of the place.

The track, often very muddy in places, especially in the end stages where there is a natural stream overflow, leads one down to the start point at 'The Mount Inn.'

On the way down, it is worth pausing, to notice the ancient hill fort, which you pass on your right. You will notice the commanding view the fort processes.

The superb Inn allows the walker to refresh themselves with a pint from the Donnington Brewery, which is locally made near Stow- on- the -Wold. It is made with Cotswold water and is a wonderful complement to the walk.

Further details can be found, regarding the Brewery at:


Here you will find a map showing the 15 pubs, that take the beer; also a 60 mile walk that visits them: a proper pub crawl !

Finally the pub is not called 'The Mount'  without good reason; as you will see from this view from the garden.

Cheers and good health everyone.



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