Heavy Going in Wotton

Started the new year with a circular Cotswold Way walk based on Wotton Under Edge. It was over five miles in length, on a day when misty weather clouded the valley views. The ground was muddy, sodden in places; but temperature  wise, was good for winter walking. The rain largely held off; except for a persistent drizzle at times.

The walk started from the High Street in Wotton; crossed the main car-park and then headed up a grassy track by the side of a school. This led, via a style into fields; which steadily climbed up until the footpath for Ozlewoth was reached. In a short while by turning left ; the walk joined the Cotswold Way on its route back to Wotton.

The picture above shows the level of mud and water, found on the track out to meet the road back to Wotton. One had to walk with extreme care!
The conditions proved so trying, that rather than take this down-slope

I continued down the road; until Wotton was reached.

Net Neutrality

Changing the subject, I feel that I should express my fears regarding Net Neutrality.

The essence of which is, the keeping of free access to the Internet, eliminating any type of discrimination in transmission and blocking content. There is a real worry that ISPs ( Internet Service Providers, your portal to the net) may, because of commercial deals filter or degrade your attempt to use certain search engines or programs; thus restricting your choice on the net.
The Internet is part of our "commons".
It was endorsed a by its 'inventor' Tim Berners-Lee who believes in " Connectivity with no strings attached"
I have heard rumours of a 'two-speed' highway, whereby those who pay will have faster access speeds and quicker downloads.
So friends, we must be watchful and guard our  surfing freedom carefully.

For those interested in the ideas related to "The Commons"


The first Chapter can be downloaded for free.



  1. I share your concerns re connectivity. If they can squeeze money out of anything they will.

  2. Our net freedoms; can no longer be taken for granted.
    we need to be constantly alert and report ISP's for any transgressions.



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